Stackin’ Up Entertainment CEO 64 Boy and Cyffa Leyenda Partner on an International Marketing Strategy for Artists

Stackin Up Entertainment LLC is a Music Record Label based in Richmond, Virginia founded and created by pioneer, Gregory Craig Brown Jr in 2018. Stackin Up Entertainment offers Major Distribution powered by EMPIRE Distribution as well as Major Distribution powered by The Orchard. Stackin Up Entertainment offers Spotify Play-listing, Google Press, and Major Distribution for major and independent artists across the world. Stackin Up Entertainment is a professional label that have the proper tools to properly campaign your music.

Stackin Up Entertainment LLC is a brand that produced a record on Spotify that hit over 500k streams on Spotify, and S.U.E received a plaque for all the hard work. Stackin Up Entertainment believes in continuous growing, confidence, professionalism, innovation, relationships, and longevity. Stackin Up Entertainment slogan is, “We make visions come true.” This simply means any idea we talk about or think about, we simply bring that vision to life. Stackin Up Entertainment has access to IG Celebrity engagement to raise awareness to your IG post organically. S.U.E also offers Organic Royalty Eligible Spotify promotion that earns revenue, as well as press release such as medium that will index you on google to keep you in the public’s eye. We have been in business for 11 years and we are here to add value to anyone’s career as well as build with them if you are in need of our services.

Today, Stackin’ Up Entertainment has recruited the biggest marketer in the 757 area, Cyffa Leyenda. Cyffa and 64 Boy recently did a song together with famous TikTok star DELA Wesst called Fineto. 64 Boy and YOUNGFRENCHY808 produced the beat and Cyffa and Dela were the songwriters and the artist. This song today hit 1 million streams on SoundCloud. As 64 Boy and Cyffa Leyenda plan on racking Plaques on walls and hitting Top hashtags and explore pages on social media they plan on killing the game with large numbers of fans/streams and celebrities in the mix. Stay tuned for more below.


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