Start Selling High Ticket Fitness Services With The World’s Leading Fitness Business Coach Vince Del Monte

We’ve all seen the economy fluctuate from time to time and how its impact on work-life balance has changed the entrepreneurial perspective of success. Business is booming one minute and then gone the next, jeopardizing values, income, and profit.

Despite this, fitness guru, best-selling author, and world-renown business coach Vince Del Monte has stood on a steady ground while coaching more than a thousands personal trainers and fit pro’s to do the same. Through the The 7 Figure Mastermind: a 12 month coaching program for fit pro’s to scale to 10, 50 and even 100 thousand dollar months Del Monte and his dedicated team have help trainers shift from earning $20 an hour on the gym floor to offering their own fitness services to the tune of $1,000 to $6,000 for a 12 week coaching program with virtually zero overhead and working from the comfort of home, elevated his students’ businesses and helped them shift from serviguided leaders into high-profitable and thriving fitness ventures. 

Finding a prosperous lead in the fitness industry, Vince Del Monte was one of the first fitness YouTubers and started documenting his journey in 2008 which helped him build a following of fitness enthusiasts looking to build muscle the natural way, just as he did. His business model was constantly evolving, providing helpful workout and nutrition videos while offering his coaching services through the Call-to-Action’s in his videos.

This consistently,hard work and dedication born a million-dollar online fitness empire that Del Monte managed for a decade before making the pioneering decision to take his skills and coach other fit pro’s online. 

The Italian-Canadian fitness guru attributes his success by appreciating his parents, who were full-time ministers dedicated to the Christian faith. Early on, they instilled a rock-solid foundation that has continually served Vince throughout all aspects of his life and helped him demonstrate that you can build a successful and profitable business by being yourself and leading with your values. 

As a follower of Christ, proud husband, and father to his own three children – Vince is living proof that ambitious faith-followers can too skip the unfortunate hardships of long working hours and unsuccessful business ventures. Coaching rates often deter beginners for fear of failing or adding a loss in yet another investment that doesn’t deem efficient results, but Del Monte’s 2X money back guarantee promises that if you don’t double your investment within 12months you’ll be coached for free until you do making the pursuit of an online fitness business a riskless decision.

For the last three years, the students’ profits have grown exponentially, complimenting the success of Del Monte’s programs and leadership. Through the ‘7 Figure Mastermind’ and ‘6 Figure Coach’ programs, students’ fitness businesses have found promising success and financial growth in a single month skyrocketing over the prior income they generated in a single year.

Working online with his unique organic scaling strategies of Del Monte’s programs has even helped social media personalities maintain an income that compliments their following, even throughout the fitness industry’s struggles during the pandemic. 

Leading non-paid advertising strategies that work in successfully running a profitable business, Del Monte and his team have paved the way for students to have all they need to grow a following, create viral content, have productive messenger conversations, close on the phone, deliver a world-class coaching service and grow a loyal community.

There’s no crazy funnel builds, fancy websites, or expensive paid advertising methods,, needed to get started. Only simple steps using proven organic scaling strategies that build your business utilizing free platforms such as Instagram and Facebook making this a no-brainer opportunity to build an at-home, profit rich business.

Successful students shift from being full time employees to full time entrepreneurs and go on to serving hundreds of their own clients through their fitness services which creates multitudes of impact.

If you’re ready right now to carve out your niche and build a profit rich fitness business, without long hours, a huge social media following, or paid ads, Del Monte offers free 1-1 strategy sessions to build you a custom roadmap and learn more about his services by easily filling out an application form, and his dedicated team will lead you to success. 

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