StarWars is Over | Rosanna “RozyGlow” Hanness on the Dawn of a New Era called StarPeace

The world is in a time of significant change. While it has been an incredibly tumultuous few years, humanity has persevered, and we have seen great kindness and strength throughout great pain. As the negativity continues to reverberate in our world, it is up to us to make a choice.

What do we choose? Do we choose an enlightened path that empowers our collective minds, or do we make choices based on fear? “StarWars is over!” quips Rosanna Hanness. She shares what the future could look like if we all embraced a more creative and empowered mindset and gives us a glimpse at the dawn of a new era called StarPeace.

R​osanna Hanness is the founder of RozyGlow Multi Dimensional Coaching and Yoga, a Reiki Master, certified Emotional Mental Detox coach, Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, certified Doula, and holds a BA in Environmental and Educational studies. “Much of my yoga work centered on prenatal, postnatal, birth preparation, infants, and the beginning of life,” explains Rosanna.

Being so close to life in that sense forces you to think of the obligation we have to the future of our world. Every step we take should make the world a better, happier, and more fulfilling place to live. That requires us to step out of negativity and fear and create a reality that fosters change.

A​n intuitive, who channels Divine Grace as her soul frequency RozyGlow, Rosanna is a MultiDimensional coach for creative individuals who seek to raise the frequency of their influence to the highest octave. Rosanna has launched the Star Peace Movement for the New Earth Elite: those willing to be soul lead in all they create.

Star Peace awakens Divine Human consciousness by activating the power to CoCreate in alignment with our Source Self; perfect for heart-led creatives who want to ensure their work has the most profound, positive impact in this world,” elucidates Rosanna.

Star Peace is open to all leaders and creatives working in the entertainment industry, including directors, producers, artists, screenwriters, celebrities, songwriters, etc. Too many entertainment professionals become drained and stuck in the money and fame trap. StarPeaceelevates their work, shifting the power from fear to love.

W​hat is most interesting about Star Peace is its unique ability to take people from the depths of being stuck to experiencing liberation via shifts in perception offered through entertainment. As those creating the storylines rewrite their personal story, the storylines they create & produce become focused on raising vibration frequency, turning entertainment into a bridge rather than an escape. “Rather than entertainment being used to disconnect from the world, it reconnects us to it…to what is authentic and essential to thrive,” says Rosanna.

Through stories, we can look at life from a different perspective opening our eyes to struggles and triumphs we may not have initially resonated with. This allows us to think with more compassion for our fellow beings. Believing that we must rewrite the story if we want to live in a better world, Rosanna created StarPeace to target those individuals most suited for the job; creatives.

S​tar Peace represents a new era, finally ending the negativity of the past driven by inherited pain and transmuting it into change. The days of ego and fear-driven choices are over. Instead, Star Peace ushers in the divine heart-led passion for change, raising the vibration of everyone and allowing us all to exist in the space of pleasure. Rosanna Hanness imagines a world where we are all showing up. Where light has won, and corruption ceases to exist. This is StarPeace. This is the future. 

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