Stash Says It’s All About the Music, Never the Lifestyle

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There’s more to life than image and following the latest trends. For Jay, or as he’s better known by his artist name, Stash, it’s about what you put out into the world and the experiences you create. And Stash is creating his own lane in rap as he shares his message of meaning and purpose.

Stash’s love for music started to show at a young age. During fishing trips with his mother, he would use an app to record music and use auto-tune to play with the sounds of melodies. At the time, there were no lyrics involved, but the music he created got him started on a path to becoming an independent rap artist.

As a kid born in Harlem, in the middle of Manhattan, Stash had dreams and visions of creating his own brand of rap music, reinventing a sound like never before. He became connected with Ski Mask The Slump God, who had deep connections in South Florida’s rap scene. After doing a few shows together, Stash moved to LA to pursue music.

There’s a light inside of Stash that he shows to everyone. It’s evident in his new, self-funded EP, EVO, released on all platforms. In his first music release, he brings a message that there’s more to life than never-ending striving. There’s no need to chase a life that is just out of reach because we are made to believe we should always want more.

In an industry that’s always changing, Stash is bringing his fans a fresh perspective, rather than following the same tired trends of other artists. Stash connects with his fans by giving them a show of “the lifestyle” to keep them watching, but he is ultimately about his persona. “Make what you want to make and if you love it, then the right people will enjoy it,” says Stash.

Stash has been dedicated to music for the past two years and has been inspired by Young Thug, WizKid, and Bob Marley. As his message takes flight, he is looking to book a UK/Russia tour and record a collaborative album with international artists. You follow him on Instagram @stashguapo.

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