Stay Clean on the Go with Hand Sanitizer Spray

Along with face masks, hand sanitizers have become a highly sought-after item throughout the global pandemic. Hand sanitizers are the next best thing when you need to clean your hands in public when water and soap become inaccessible.

However, many people may wonder if hand sanitizer sprays are necessary and why they are as crucial as some health professionals have claimed. In this article, we’ll share with you some reasons why you’ll need a hand sanitizer spray to stay clean when you’re on the go throughout this pandemic.

Why do you need a hand sanitizer spray?

When used correctly, hand sanitizer spray can help eliminate up to 99.99% of infectious bacteria and germs. This is essentially through these crucial times, as the novel Coronavirus has been known to be transmittable through shared surfaces. By keeping your hands clean before and after touching a surface, you can decrease the risk of getting infected.

Hand sanitizer sprays are also more convenient to take around, ensuring that you can keep yourself and your loved ones protected while you’re on the go. Do bear in mind that you’ll need to find alcohol-based hand sanitizers with more than 60% alcohol for the sanitizing effects to take place, or it may just be a waste of your money.

Hand Sanitizers: Spray vs. Gels

As many people realize the importance of hand sanitizers for daily use, manufacturers today have started releasing more products to fit different lifestyles. So, are hand sanitizer sprays better than hand sanitizer gels? Let’s find out.

As its name suggests, hand sanitizer sprays are spray-type hand sanitizers with an easy-spray nozzle. This releases the right amount of hand sanitizer each time you pump and spread the hand sanitizer evenly around your hands. Hand sanitizer sprays are often bottled in easy-to-carry bottles, making it convenient to stay clean on the go.

However, a downside to spray type hand sanitizers is that you may finish them sooner than expected. This is as some hand sanitizer sprays can miss your hands as you push on the nozzle, resulting in the need for more pumps to clean your hands. In case you want to use hand sanitizers to clean surfaces, hand sanitizer sprays are also the better choice overall.

Gel hand sanitizers, on the other hand, are commonly used by businesses today. While they’re cheaper to purchase and are widely available, many users have complained about how drying gel hand sanitizers can get. Some gel sanitizers can also be uncomfortable to use as they leave behind a sticky residue, unlike quick-drying hand sanitizer sprays.

Subsequently, gel hand sanitizers are not as convenient to bring along on the go. This is as you’ll have to consistently worry about bottle leakages that can cause your belongings to become wet. Gel sanitizers with pump nozzles are also too big to bring around, and squeeze type sanitizers may have an involuntary suction that causes germs to contaminate the bottle’s insides.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s always recommended to have a hand sanitizer spray at hand, primarily through these crucial times. As the novel Coronavirus continues to sweep everyone off their feet worldwide, it’s essential to keep our hands clean and keep our loved ones safe.

Do note, however, that some hand sanitizers can leave behind an unpleasant smell. Thus, you may want to look for hand sanitizer sprays that feature a refreshing scent after use. Remember to watch out for the ingredients used for the hand sanitizer spray of your choice and ensure that it has more than 60% alcohol content for proper sanitizing on the go.

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