Staying Sane: For Hustling Parents

Whether you’re a dog or cat mom, or you’ve got kiddos running around the house, throw work in the mix and it’s easy to become overwhelmed, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Lately, I’ve had quite the struggle keeping my sanity as tons of parents, I am sure, can relate to. I would wake up in the morning, get out of bed, throw my hair into a messy bun, whip up a quick breakfast for my two sons—ages three and two—and I’m lucky to remember to eat and get out of my pajamas by the time they nap at noon.

I am a person who loves to stay productive, and be going, going, going, but it is too easy to burn out.

Here are a few things that have worked for me to stay motivated and maintain at least a little bit of sanity.

#1 Early Bird Gets the Worm

I know, I know. Some people like to get in as many Z’s as possible. But something I swear by is getting up around 45+ minutes earlier than the rest of the household, baby or human! My boys are usually up around 7:45 am, so I can brush teeth, wash my face, get dressed, do a small yoga flow to awaken my mind and make some green tea or coffee all before they wake up! Getting the chance to get myself put together for the day makes a huge difference! You’ll already start feeling accomplished and the way you start the day can definitely determine how the rest of the day will play out.

#2 What Are You Grateful for Today?

This is one of the best things you can do.

As soon as you wake up, before checking your phone notifications, take a few deep breaths—in through the nose, out through the mouth. I cannot tell you how much my life changed when I started to acknowledge the little things. Just writing, or even saying to myself every morning and evening, what I am grateful for makes a huge difference. It’s easy in a world of competition and luxury to do the opposite, but when you are grateful for where you are and what you have and you combine that with setting strong intentions, you open up a clear pathway for peace and abundance to flow.

#3 Prioritize, Baby!

I am obsessed with my lists. Being such an old soul, I really enjoy writing them out in my planner and my notebooks, but there are amazing apps to help out as well. CommitTo3not an affiliate link—is an awesome one because you choose three commitments and how often you want alerts to remind you of them! Even just glancing at your screen to see the reminders or skimming your notebook is a subtle enough reminder of your top to-do’s when the kids are hyped up on chocolate milk and have decided to trash their playroom T minus too long before nap time.

#4 Get Moving!

Whether you’ve got a giant fur baby distracting you or little guys dumping chips on the floor, changing the scenery can help everyone’s anxiety. Take the pups and the kids outside or to the park for a bit. They get to run around, burn energy, and being outside of the house or the same space you are in every day gives your mind a chance to breathe.

#5 Refuel and Relax

Um, did you know the scraps that the kids leave behind are not considered a full meal eaten? Also, I am very much guilty of drinking maybe one glass of water a day, at best. Let me tell you, the doc is right when he nags you to drink more water. I am an addict for cute and sassy tumbler cups, so keeping those with me and full of water at all times really helps me stay hydrated. For some reason, drinking from a straw really helps. Water and proper hydration in general are essential. You won’t feel nearly as sluggish or tired — same goes for food!

Now, I won’t harp on you for not eating the most organic of snacks, but taking in more nutrients than junk is important.

Whenever the babes eat, you eat.

Once they finally take naps, grab another nice sized snack or lunch and knock a few more things off the list! But make sure that one of the things you commit to and make a priority is you. You are the well-oiled machine that keeps the house running. So, take a cat nap, meditate, do something for yourself to help you unwind. You earned it!

When the hustle meets the kiddos,  it can be quite the challenge. I hope that a few of these tips help you find a little balance through the day!


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