Steadfast Life Coaching Aims To Become America’s Leading Christian Coaching Platform

Notions of faith, devotion, and age-old teachings might direct a follower of a religion like Christianity. But like any of life’s realities, understandings and perceptions shift as civilization develops. At present, the zeitgeist is self-help and self-improvement.

Some may interpret these as more humanist concepts, but many modern interpreters understand how one’s journey can be reconciled with the grand plan of a creator. Where previously life coaching may have been dismissed in favor of more passive personal development methods, new innovators are finding ways to circumvent traditional acceptance and provide more successful outcomes for Christians.

One such innovative venture is @steadfastlifecoaching, the product of a partnership between husband and wife team Jake and Whitney Roehl.

Both were brought up on an unwavering dedication to faith in Christ but found themselves disillusioned when life presented them with the seemingly unsolvable.

Their response was to create a self-professed “coaching partnership made in heaven”at the crossroads of their two lives. The result – a solution that enables those who follow Christianity to experience more freedom in life – is nothing short of breathtaking.

The duo’s current offerings cater to all minds, traditional or modern. Their unique coaching blend is the key – when it comes to the vehicle, Jake and Whitney are constantly exploring new avenues of delivery. Steadfast Life Coaching’s flagship packages are group coaching and actual mastermind.

Both aim to offer freedom in the presence of fear and peace in the presence of pressure. Undoubtedly any venture would be falling short by failing to take advantage of the technological shift caused by the pandemic. Steadfast Life Coaching additionally offers an online membership where clients can access mindset and weight-loss courses, daily devotions, meditations, and more.

Filling out the Steadfast Life Coaching portfolio is their passion for thrilling real-life experiences, which stems from Jake’s past as a thriving beach dweller and mountain climber. Since their 2018 rebrand, the pair have run excursions, including a five-day surfing trip to El Salvador and a four-day retreat to the Eastern Sierras.

In the couple’s future is a plan to travel the US in a camper, participating in public speaking engagements and networking with church and business communities. It runs parallel to ambitions for an on-demand Christian coaching service called Trust U, promising to allow users to work through its digital tool kit at their own pace.

That sense of contemporary meets classic permeates every aspect of Steadfast Life Coaching, including the underlying religious foundation. When Jake and Whitney both found themselves separated from their significant other and without a direction in life, they instinctively looked to their faith for an answer.

But the reality is that the practice of praying and servitude may not manifest a positive outcome for many Christians. For those who wish to take a more active role in their faith and personal development, the Roehls believe they fill a much-needed hole.

“We love mindset, but sometimes mindset work can be presented in a way that is a bit self-centered,” Jake explains. “We stand in the gap so that Christians can benefit from the amazing tools that come from the secular world of self-help, while simultaneously honoring their core value that true healing comes from their identity as a child of God.”

It’s that identity that brought Jake and Whitney together when life had few other paths for them. Their lives intersected in May 2016, and together they found both love and a coaching methodology that could bring value to many.

Small adjustments were required to make both Steadfast Life Coaching and their blended families to success, but once they did, the pair was unstoppable in providing unparalleled client service.

“There was tension in the marriage, and it was so new that we didn’t have strong strategies in place to handle it,” Jake explains. “Then the calendar would say ‘client session in 5 minutes,’ and we had to show up united, focussed on the client’s mind and with a servant’s heart.”

To resolve and improve their affairs, Jake stepped into the role of an assistant coach while Whitney remained in place to focus on the client’s story and ask powerful questions.

Jake could then take on responsibility more in line with the duo’s overall approach: committing his energy to the client’s way of thinking, empathy, and the adjustments needed to improve their lives. A clearer separation of powers allowed for more effective and consistent service and, in turn, benefitted the pair’s marriage by making their day-to-day responsibilities more effortless.

Steadfast Life Coaching undoubtedly has a Christian basis but devotes itself to so many modern concepts – self-help, self-determination, and mindset transformation – that it feels like a venture that advances its religion into the future.

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