Stealing the Show With Her Unique Vibe and Astute Mind Is Sophie Steele as a Music Artist and Entrepreneur.

Off all the things that have attracted the attention of many, the emergence of many talented beings across industries has made the most headlines. This is a great sight to behold, looking at how things have been changing for the better across different industries and fields, all thanks to these creative individuals who put in their everything to make a profound impact and create something new with their every move.

Rising to the top as a creative professional, music artist and entrepreneur is Sophie Steele, aka S-EM-C, who believed in her visions and thus went ahead in gaining the momentum and success she enjoys today in both music and entrepreneurship.

S-EM-C had a unique childhood, where she was born in Akron Ohio, but moved constantly due to her fathers job. Moving from one place to another gave her many life experiences and as she understood she was a creative soul, she started exploring ways to express herself creatively.

To begin with, S-EM-C started working at different jobs to earn decent money, but music was where her heart was hooked on since the beginning, and she dreamt of being a part of the music scene every day.

Hustling every day helped her eventually rand now she was the music artist she wanted to become. However, as S-EM-C confessed that she was a creative soul, she wanted to do something more and this hunger led her into the world of business. Seeing the constant boom in the marketing niche, S-EM-C decided to step onto the same, which motivated her to start her firm named ‘Kopius Media’, the #1 music marketing agency in Culpeper, VA.

Today, her company has grown by offering several robust services like YouTube campaigns, organic Instagram growth, Spotify playlisting, as well as premium label services. Kopius Media serves organic marketing for personal brands and public figures and helps them get the success and recognition they desire.

‘ADHDTV’ is also her brainchild, which is rising as an entertainment company. What’s even more amazing is that her entrepreneurial life has not overpowered her love for music. For teaching people more about the music industry, S-EM-C will soon be launching a coaching program this year at

She is a versatile professional, acing the game of entrepreneurship, songwriting, music and has shown her prowess as a personal brand strategist. S-EM-C will also be dropping her new album, planning to release late 2021. People can experience the magic of her music, available on all streaming platforms.

Want to know more? Follow her on Instagram @s_em_c and visit the websites, and

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