Steeve Daniel “Stevotherapper” Shares How He Overcame Poverty and Began Pursuing Music

Stevotherapper is on the Come Up.

In the poverty-stricken town of Irvington, New Jersey, the population rests at around 55,000 residents. It is here that you can find Steeve Daniel, most likely in a studio somewhere working on new music. Daniel, who performs under the moniker Stevotherapper, has become a well-known name throughout New Jersey, and even in neighboring East coast states. Now with a few one-off tracks under his belt, Stevotherapper is well into production on his debut solo album.

“I didn’t start making music because I got inspired by someone else,” Daniel states. Growing up, Daniel’s father introduced him to artists like 50 Cent, Nelly, and Rihanna, and he instantly developed a deep appreciation for what he was hearing. At age 16, Daniel began taking music seriously and started to make his own tracks as Stevotherapper. “I try to keep my songs light, catchy, and fun. I have not really gotten to the stage of making political type music where I talk about strong topics,” shares Daniel. Not only is he making music as a solo artist, but Stevotherapper is also a member of the Jersey collective Insight Flexin’ ENT.

While he has been finding success in the East coast rap game over the past few year, things have not always been easy for Daniel. In his younger years, Daniel and his family were one of the many families affected by the heavy impoverishment the city of Irvington faces to this day. “The most challenging thing I think I overcame is really being able to leave an impoverished area and being able to live a stable enough life to survive,” shared Daniel. “I used to have to split noodle packets with two other siblings.”

“All I want is for people to just have fun when listening to my music. That’s all.” Stevotherapper has released mixtapes through SoundCloud, as well as a few singles on streaming services, but the majority of his time recently has been devoted to working on his debut album. In the past, Stevotherapper has worked with producers internationally, but he has found a groove with local Jersey producer, Dren on the Beat. “For my next album, I want this to really hold weight. Since it is going to be my first one, we got to make it great,” he shares. Daniel has used what he learned in overcoming his hardships to make his music, and the results are astonishingly apparent.

To keep up with Stevotherapper as he preps his new album, follow him on Instagram.

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