Stefan Ottenbrite: A Look Into the Journey of the Founder of Muskoka’s Biggest News Platform – Muskoka 411

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Stefan Ottenbrite’s love for journalism is what inspired him to start his own news platform – Ever since he was young, Ottenbrite had been a very curious child, interested in knowing and documenting the local happenings. Little did he know that these were the seeds of investigatory journalism taking root.

When he got his first camera, his interests heightened. With the encouragement of family and friends, he stayed on the same path, writing down the town’s major incidents and photographing whenever he had the opportunity.

A tour of City TV on Queen Street proved to be a pivotal moment in Stefan’s journalism journey. This episode gave him the nudge to lay down a firm foundation, and start a serious career as a journalist.

Ottenbrite has had a long celebrated career: he once investigated and reported on an arson incidence for Jewel 88.5 FM, which won him the best radio news award from Reel police in 2007.

In 2015, Ottenbrite laid this foundation in the form of has expanded rapidly and now covers regions all over Muskoka, Orillia, Parry Sound, Parry Sound District, Algonquin Highlands, Haliburton Major areas of Simcoe Country, Port Severn / Hwy 400 Extension, and Notable Provincial. is now a local leading news platform for the cottaging destination of Muskoka. and Ottenbrite have racked up huge numbers of viewers and readers. Muskoka locals, cottagers, business owners, and even celebrities rely on for their daily news about the region.

The leading local daily is the first to break many stories in the region and also provides the best coverage of events. also goes beyond the Muskoka region and covers important National and International stories.

Leading brands including Cottage Life, Toronto Auto Show, Shaw, Franks Red Hot, Tim Hortons, Georgian College, Deerhurst Resort, Canadian Tire, Sirius XM Radio, Boots, and Hearts, Muskoka Chrysler, Jones Soda, The Brick. All-State Insurance, Leon’s, Touchstone Resort, Domino’s Pizza, and District of Muskoka have partnered with over the years.

Ottenbrite is a guest speaker at Seneca College for Radio Students and Employment Services. He is a spokesperson to the youth for journalism, Ottenbrite promotes the goodness of journalism and encourages everyone to pursue it. He makes the most of these opportunities to motivate all those who have chosen journalism as a career.

A huge believer in giving back, Ottenbrite is not all talk. He upholds his word and supports the career choice of the youngsters by giving them employment opportunities. He also is a huge donor to the community of Muskoka.

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