Stefan Thurairatnam Is Taking the Travel Niche by Storm as a Luxury Content Creator

It is very surreal to learn and know about all those people who have worked day and night to offer their uniqueness to others. Their constant hunger to be the best in whatever they take up in their career allows them to motivate and inspire many others as well. This very passion has turned individuals into extraordinary success stories in their respective niches. Stefan Thurairatnam is one such name amongst these talented beings who have tried to push the limits and through his passion for travelling has sculpted a flourishing career for himself as a sought-after luxury content creator.

Raised in Toronto, this Sri Lankan talent and content creator have taken risks and have given it all before making this big not only in the travel niche but now in the marketing arena as well. He is one of those rare South East Asian travel influencers and content creators who have ventured out of the norms to follow his passion. The proof is his growing prominence in the industry and his unorthodox looks, consisting of a long beard and a man bun. Since a very early age, photography and travel both appealed to him and he always dreamt of doing something big in the same.

Even after working at a renowned financial institution for five years, he realized his true calling for something else and hence, he gave himself a second chance Stefan Thurairatnam jumped into the travel niche, where he was made the ambassador of the Luxury World Traveller by Gill Antolin. With the help of Gill, Stefan Thurairatnam confesses that he got the opportunity to build himself to where he is today and turned his passion into his lifestyle. Today, this talented man with unconventional ideas and creativity has become the Media partner to Luxury World Traveller, the popular travel page that has earned millions of followers already.

Stefan Thurairatnam highlights that his passion for travel has not only given him the opportunity to gather life-changing experiences but also has given a new meaning to his life. So far, in his career, he has had the chance to meet people all around the world and accumulate different experiences that in some way, have had a profound impact on his life. He has had the privilege to visit some of the most luxurious and opulent properties, hotels and resorts in the world. Some of the names include St. Regis, Fairmont, Four Seasons, Six Senses, Ritz-Carlton, and many other 5-star hotel brands.

Stefan Thurairatnam serves as the director at LuxVision Media Group that is driven by its aim to create industry-best social media strategies and high-end content production. The media group is all about translating the client’s visions into reality and help them multiply their presence and reach in their industry. He started this company to help micro-influencers and realize their visions and goals.

Talking about the ongoing pandemic, Stefan Thurairatnam says that it has allowed rebranding his brand. The quarantine period gave him more time to channel his creativity, which further helped his content go viral. After all this ends, Stefan Thurairatnam wishes to travel more unique places to find out more hidden gems of the world and create even better travel content. To keep finding more innovative content from this luxury content creator, do not forget to follow him on Instagram @stefanthurairatnam @voyageurslux & @luxvisionmediagroup.

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