Stefanie and Thomas Kogler: Revolutionizing the Skincare Market with YouRev

Stefanie and Thomas Kogler: Revolutionizing the Skincare Market with YouRev

Stefanie and Thomas Kogler, founders of the online beauty brand YouRev, revolutionized the skincare market by teaching other people working in the beauty business to advise their customers online, choosing products that meet their specific personal needs.

The German and Austrian skincare and cosmetics product market grew an estimated 2.9 percent in 2020 in comparison to 2019. Germany is the largest skincare market in Europe. Therefore, understanding the behavior of consumers is key to the success of business organizations. In the last decade, the shopping behavior of customers buying cosmetics involved the main store categories like mass retailers and drugstores. Only a small percentage of Austrians and Germans kept going regularly to skin doctors or to the cosmetician for any kind of skin treatments based on their skin type and preferences. In the past, people might have thought about an online skin assessment for customers but they were skeptical whether people would accept such a concept or prefer to go to a salon or the shopping mall instead.

Coming from professional golf, Stefanie and Thomas understood quite well that sometimes small changes in a running system can have a big impact. Most people remain loyal to their cosmetics products for years. They do not change their cosmetics brands until they need to try something new.

Stefanie and Thomas basically combined their two biggest needs in their life, which were first finding a solution for their own skin problems and second to have the freedom to work anytime from anywhere. This is how they founded the first online beauty academy where they provide skin assessment into the living rooms of their customers and help people get healthier skins without going to a beauty salon or a shopping mall.

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