Stefano Cicchini Launches Local Creators – A Revolutionary Startup Connecting Local Business and Influencers

Stefano Cicchini

Stefano Cicchini, born on August 14th, 1991, is an Italy-based influencer, blogger, and social media manager. The main reasons behind his fame worldwide are his activism on Instagram as an influencer on a national and international level and his participation in various relevant social campaigns. Currently, he has launched the Local Creators – a revolutionary startup that connects the local business and influencers.

Stefano Cicchini’s Background

Stefano Cicchini was born in Termoli – a city of Molise. Initially, he obtained his degree in economics and management, and he specialized in Web and Social Media Marketing between the universities of Rome “La Sapienza” and Florence. Once graduated, Stefano Cicchini began his career as a Social Media Manager collaborating with various communication agencies. Taking advantage of his experience, he further specialized in Instagram and Influencer Marketing.

Currently, Stefano Cicchini actively collaborates with the most important agencies in Italy and works as the head of Instagram communication for the well-known communication agency Velvet Media Italia. In Milan, he also works as an influencer marketing manager for brands of Puma’s caliber. He organizes campaigns dedicated to Instagram and YouTube influencers in the Milan area and beyond. The partnership also concerns the football club AC Milan.

Stefano Cicchini’s Travelling and Vlogging Activities

Stefano Cicchini is well-known for his exciting content based on travel and food. The food blogger eats different food and shares his experience with his audience. Currently, he enjoys over 200K followers on his various social media accounts. His social media followers wait for his amazing content every day and night to get amused and make their time fruitful.

For his unique content and vlogging style, he has been nominated among the top 10 travel influencer around the world by Influencer. Because of his active participation in national and international social campaigns, the big brands love to work with him for his professionalism. He has worked for Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Greenpeace, eBay, and Puma Italia.

In 2018, he participated in the first Formula E Grand Prix’s social sponsorship campaign in Rome. Similarly, in the same year, he worked as the testimonial from Italy for Greenpeace’s #worldmeatfree campaign and the new Toyota Aygo’s presentation event in Copenhagen. Stefano collaborates with the tourism bodies to create entertaining content for his fans and shares his vlogs on social media platforms.

He has worked with renowned tourism bodies such as Polish National Tourism Board, Visit Finland, VLC Valencia, Visit Britain, and Visit Thailand. In 2019, he prepared a documentary on one of the most anticipated popular festivals in Spain, Las Fallas in Valencia. He has also been invited as a guest by Finland, Holland, Thailand, and Poland.

Stefano Cicchini as Marketing Expert

Stefano Cicchini is a renowned influencer marketing expert who has helped various international brands with his expert influencer marketing campaigns to graze their name among the top brands. He believes in social media’s power to boost your business’s profile and attract the target customers.

Stefano Cicchini Launches Local Creators

Knowing the importance of online local businesses that should connect with the influencers, Stefano Cicchini has started his online Italian startup Local Creators that connects local companies and influencers from the major social media networks. It intends to promote your business and service through your local area’s best influences to help you make profits and get fame.

How Local Creators Works?

According to the website, in just a few clicks, you will receive scouting of the best influencers selected by our team of experts who are already interested in your campaign.

It works with the following simple steps:

  • Brief: First, you will be asked to share your idea of the project you want to start. You will be asked to fill out the Brief, which will contain the simple information that the experts of Local Creators will assess.
  • Scouting: The experts in the team of Local Creators will analyze your project idea and its objective, budget, and target and will suggest to you the creators within a community of over 10 thousand micro and nano influencers throughout the country. These influencers have actively collaborated with local and national companies and are permanent partners.
  • Delivery: Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, you will receive a detailed presentation with professional scouting drafted by one of the company’s influencer marketing managers, with full details about the influencer who has already shown their interest in taking part in the project. Now all you have to do is contact them and start collaborating to begin your business journey.

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