Step by step guide to buy guest post service and maximize organic traffic

step by step guide to buy guest post service and maximize organic traffic

Have you ever posted a message on someone else’s blog website?

If so, then you’re already familiar with the concept of guest posting. A guest blog post is when a third-party writer contributes content to another company or individual’s blog website.

Usually, a publisher reviews the content contributions before they are made live on the website. The writer makes these contributions because they’re hoping to attract targeted viewers to their website via backlinking or word-of-mouth.

The best search engine optimization (SEO) strategies revolve around backlink creation. If you can get your website’s URL address published on several reputable websites, it will increase its ranking in the Google search engine.

Here are the main benefits of how guest posts on other websites can benefit your own website:

  • Attracts targeted organic traffic
  • Increases your authority in a particular niche
  • Collect lead information and grow an email subscriber list
  • Develop relationships with your viewers
  • Increase your social media following
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales

Your guest posts aren’t advertisements or call to action for people to visit your website either. These posts must contain relevant content regarding the topic of the blog. Amid the content, your website’s backlink should get incorporated into it naturally.

Why You Should Buy Guest Posts

Guest posting might seem like a simple task, but it requires a lot of planning and strategizing. One, there’s the challenge of writing quality posts. And then there’s the challenge of pitching blog websites.

Even if you’re so good at writing, and you have access to a Windows time tracker, which enhances your writing judiciously, there’s no guarantee the blogs you pitch will accept your post.

Many blog websites have restrictions on who is allowed to post. Even if you find a highly relevant website to buy guest posts from, it doesn’t mean you’ll receive writing privileges to post freely on the website.

So, how do you maneuver around these obstacles? The most effective solution is to find a guest posting service provider that can make these guests posts on your behalf. A guest post service provider finds targeted blogs and submits guest posts on them.

A guest posts service gives you the ability to contribute to blog websites that you never would have been allowed to contribute to before. These are SEO companies that already have relationships with the owners of these blog websites.

Guest posting services can save you time and give you more opportunities to increase your brand’s awareness. All you have to do is learn the proper steps to buying guest post services and maximizing the organic traffic to your website.

Some SEO companies are better than others. For example, don’t assume a Salt Lake City SEO is just as good as an SEO company in Oakville. Sometimes you have to reach outside of your local area to find a high-quality SEO company. That is okay.

The Top 7 Steps to Buying Guest Post Services

Any good SEO company can provide localized SEO services involving guest posting, even if the company is not based in your local area. You will learn about that and more as you continue reading below.

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Here are the top 7 steps to buying guest post services and maximizing organic traffic to your website.

1) Write Down Your SEO Goals

Guest posting is associated with SEO. Before you start investing in guest posting services, you need to determine your SEO goals.

  • How much traffic do you want to bring to your website each month?
  • How many new monthly subscribers to your newsletter do you want?
  • How quickly do you want to achieve authority status in your niche?

If you can answer these questions, it will help you figure out how many new backlinks need to be created. More importantly, you can plan out which blogs can give you the best targeted traffic for your website.

2) Research Relevant Blog Websites

Part of the planning process is researching other relevant blog websites in your niche. For example, if you run an online bakery store, you need to find blog websites with topics in the bakery niche. That way, their audience will be attracted to your content too.

Alexa offers powerful tools for identifying a target audience and the specific topics they love. The Alexa Audience Overlap Tool lets you search for competitor websites and run a competitive analysis on them.

But first, you should fill out a Buyer Persona Template to better understand your audience. The template will ask you all kinds of questions to identify your audience, such as the following:

  • What is their age range, gender, education, income, and family situation?
  • What is their job title and industry? (For B2B marketing only)
  • What are their most significant challenges and fears?
  • What are their personal and professional goals?

When you have filled out your Buyer Persona Template, you can begin applying the information to the Alexa Audience Overlap Tool. It will give you detailed reports of the categories that your audience loves and the top websites under those categories.

Visit each of the top websites on the list. See if any of these websites have a blog section. Blogging might not necessarily be the primary function of these websites, but they could still have a blog page somewhere on it.

3) Search for Quality SEO Companies

You need to find qualified SEO companies to submit guest posts to these top blog websites in your niche. Some SEO companies might already have relationships with these blog websites, especially if they’re well-established.

It is easy to find an SEO company in Canada or the United States. You can just go onto Google and search for “SEO services in Canada or the US”. The first page of the search results will give you the highest-ranked companies offering SEO in Canada or the US.

Gather a list of about ten different SEO companies that offer guest posting services in your location. The companies don’t have to be based in your location. They just have to provide services there.

4) Compare the Guest Posting Services

Review all of the guest posting services of these companies. Look for the following pieces of information:

  • Sample guest posting reports
  • Duration of the posts
  • Refund policies
  • Blog domain ratings
  • Custom blogs
  • Writing services
  • Pricing

Sample guest posting reports will show you what information gets reported after the service is performed. The reports should show you the blog page URL, anchor link, and blog domain rating.

Not all SEO companies will post content on custom blogs that you provide them. After all, there is no guarantee that your SEO company will have a relationship with your researched blogs. But if you can find one that does, then consider hiring them.

SEO companies typically sell guest posting services in packages, according to the domain rating of the blog posts. The domain rating tells you a blog’s level of authority in its niche. The rating is based on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the best.

The most expensive blog guest posting packages will have a domain rating of over 50. When you create backlinks on a blog website with a high domain rating, it helps rank your website higher in Google.

5) Write the Content

Some SEO companies offer to write guest post content for you. However, you might want to consider writing your own content and giving it to the SEO companies to use on your behalf. Then you can have more personalized posts submitted.

When a newbie start a blog, that person used to publish the same content on multiple platforms. Do not use the same content on multiple posts. You’ll have to write unique content for each post. If you don’t have the time or energy to do it, then have the SEO company do it for you. Their content won’t be personal, but it will be unique.

Before you write any content, read the other posts on the blog to learn what was discussed. Then add insightful and informative comments to the blog. Perhaps you could answer a question or address some of the concerns expressed by others.

6) Publish the Content

Now is the time to publish the content. Purchase the guest posting package from the SEO company you’ve chosen. Give them all the necessary information regarding your website, niche, and content you’ve written (if any).

If you’ve made guest posts on specific blogs recently, give the SEO company a list of those domains. They will avoid submitting your guest posts on the same domains to prevent getting the posts marked as SPAM.

7) Track the Results

The SEO company should give you access to domain reports and traffic tools. Monitor the traffic carefully and take note of which backlinks sent the most traffic to your website. This will give you an idea of what type of content your target audience loves.

Final Words

Like all SEO strategies, you need to give your guest posts some time before noticing organic traffic coming from them. Keep the guest posts reoccurring every week so that people can see that you’re actively participating in the blog discussions.

Remember that guest posts are not advertisements for your website or brand. The content has to relate to the topic at hand. Your anchor text or hyperlink is simply an option for people to find additional information on what was discussed.

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