Steve Rudden Spices up YouTube Food Reviews Videos by Rudd Productions are Never Bland

Steve Rudden food reviews on YouTube are fun to watch and educating.

Food content creator, Steve Rudden, continues to educate and entertain foodies around the world as he hosts his regular reviews on YouTube. Steve is the CEO and president of Rudd Productions which focuses on food and sometimes fun too.

One of Steve’s most recent YouTube episodes was a taste test and live demo with Key Lime Pie flavored M&M’s.   “Will I like it?” he asked his fans on Twitter.  “Watch and find out.”  

There’s never a dull moment when Steve is hosting a show.  From videos featuring (well, almost) Michael Jackson, Kane Brown, and Justin Bieber to mastering TikTok, there’s always some zaniness tossed in the recipe when Steve is reviewing.

Steve is based in Washington DC but enjoys a world-wide following on Twitter of close to 4000 fans.  A typical Rudd Productions YouTube averages over 1000 views.  Cooking instructions on Cheese Pesto Baked Chicken, Cajun Shrimp and Rice, and Five Ingredient Enchiladas are available for viewing as well as some of the cheesier flicks like his SweetTarts Ropes review.

Steve is not only a food reviewer and cooking instructor, he is a director and actor as well.  He starred in the television show “Cooking with Rudd” in 2020 and edited and starred in the TV mini-series “Rudd Reviews Food” in 2021.

To find out more about Steve Rudden or to check out his food reviews, follow him on Twitter, view his page on IMDb, or tune into his YouTube channel.


Written by Johnny Lee

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