Steven Al Baghdadi: Rap Artist Bringing a New Energy to the Hip-Hop Industry

The rap world is becoming more and more competitive, with artists popping up every day with new material and promising talent. The digital age of music has also leveled the playing field while also making it that much easier to drown any artist’s music in a crowd of sounds. Yet even with all that, artists like rapper Steven Al Baghdadi are breaking through the clutter and rising above all to make their mark in the industry.

Raised in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Steven Al Baghdadi is an artist with a powerful story to tell. He tells that story through first-rate tracks that continue to resonate all over streaming channels and digital platforms. “Growing up in Amsterdam, Netherlands gave me the bars and punchline side of music.

As he grew up, Steven Al Baghdadi’s mother would become a strong influence on his life and music. She would make him watch “Michael Jackson” until he fell in love with Michael Jackson’s music and started to aspire to become a musical artist himself. He also picked up other musical influences as he evolved as an artist, listening to Tupac, Eminem, and other rap artists that changed the music game in the world.

Steven Al Baghdadi started throwing all that he was into music, constantly writing, freestyling, and polishing his music with every given chance. What would come out was a spectacular array of discographies that have dominated streaming playlists and gather thousands upon thousands of listens in record time.

As an artist, Steven Al Baghdadi is highly versatile. His melodies are dominant, getting people hooked within the first few seconds and turning them into believers of the hip-hop artist. But what motivates the artist to create music is his passion for impacting people through his music. Steven Al Baghdadi hopes that his music would change millions of lives, something he feels is lacking in today’s music industry.


Someone has rightly said, “Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence”. Music’s beauty is that it’s available in different forms and appeals to people with varied taste. Thanks to the talented artists from centuries ago, we have millions of songs to enjoy. In today’s time, many talents can share their work on social media and other online platforms that reach people all around the world. Steven Al Baghdadi is one such proficient musician who is dropping back-to-back tracks for his fans.

For Steven Al Baghdadi, music is about developing a connection with people. He hails from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and his real name is Steven Zara. His background is quite diverse as he knows Aramaic, Arabic, Dutch and English. Steven grew up listening to a variety of music that helped him understand the art better and deeper. At a very young age, he decided to be a musician, singer and rapper and has fulfilled his dream.

The artist recently finished college. So he is focusing on releasing more songs in the coming months. Steven Al Baghdadi’s latest singles are Ahebak and Al Forga that are already a hit. He has a YouTube channel where he shares videos of every new single/album. Steven Al Baghdadi is a one-man army as he writes, records, and makes music; he also shoots and edits the videos. About his love for music, Steven says, “Music helps me connect with myself and people. I want to gift people original songs and uplifting tracks which they can enjoy anywhere, anytime.”

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