Stiiizy Expands Operations to Jarupa Valley with Its Latest Retail Store

Stiiizy is taking the lead to break the traditional norms surrounding the use and sale of cannabis. It is educating its target consumers on the right way to consume cannabis when needed as a prescription drug. With its new store at Jarupa Valley, Stiiizy has added one more feather to its cap to attract consumers and let them see a new and unexplored side of cannabis.

A whole new world of Cannabis

A few steps into November 2020 saw a brand new Stiiizy store at California’s Jarupa Valley, a store that will make even the laziest social media publicists publish the interiors of the retail store with great gusto. The gala opening witnessed high footfalls as anticipated by the curious eyes of the passersby as the outlet was prepping up to give an enhanced retail experience. Apart from Stiiizy’s in-house brands, the onlookers will get a chance to admire a wall-sized mural conceptualized and designed by Jimmy Pierce, a Los Angeles based contemporary artist with roots deeply sowed in Arkansas. Pierce takes inspiration from the 1970s’ pop culture and his creations ooze out the values and ethos embodying that era such as happiness, freedom, and hope. So for all art connoisseurs and lovers, this is a unique chance to deepen your relationship with art appreciation in a cannabis retail store to enjoy a never-before experience. The brand envisions to incorporate such artistic creations in all its current and future locations to give a sense of sublime to the décor. Art soothes the mind and acts as a therapy to the soul. The use of art aligns itself to the image of cannabis that also works like a balm to distressed minds.

This medical cannabis brand seeks to gives an experiential retail experience in all its stores so that people are now aware of the transition that cannabis is making in the retail space. From being sold in dark and dingy spaces of the city, Stiiizy is making a difference by creating proud and creative retail outlets that speak of innovation, inspiration, and influence, the three “III’s of Stiiizy.

Roots of Stiiizy

The brand was conceptualized from a very personal experience of the founder, James Kim. James suffered from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being deployed in Iraq as part of his duty in the Army’s 101st Airborne Division. What helped him to overcome the disorder was cannabis and it was then that he envisioned taking it up as a business venture helping those who suffered like him. James owns Shryne Group and Stiiizy is one of the brands that are part of the group’s portfolio. Stiiizy targets cannabis consumers who have been using this as a medication to overcome certain disorders. Stiiizy’s flagship store is in Los Angeles.

James is working to break the stigma around cannabis and give it a more mainstream approach so that people do not have to hide it while consuming it for medical reasons. With the addition of the new outlet at Jurupa’s Riverside County, customers now have a total of six locations within California to choose from. The other retail outlets are present in Mission District, Davis, Union Square, and Moreno Valley.

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