Stop Calling Millennials Entitled

How many times are boomers and generation-X’ers going to say Millennials are entitled little brats that have zero patience? 

“Those Millennials want more and more and more, and they don’t even want to wait their turn for it!”


They expect us to wait around and survive on crumbs while the pie gets smaller and smaller.

Work some shitty desk job that we hate to live “the American dream” they love so much.  Work day in and day out until you retire.

Too bad we get to retire at 85.

So yeah, Millennials want more.

We need more.  Not just to survive, but to thrive.

And no, we don’t want to wait for it all.  Why should we?  You’re completely fucking the world up for us.

Politically, environmentally, financially, in every which way possible:  you’re ruining the world.   

We have to wait longer before we retire.  We’re pushed into college for no reason other than “it’s what you’re supposed to do” to get a good job.  Then we get the good job and have to sit on our asses, bored out of our minds for nine hours or more a day doing meaningless work making someone else rich.

Like we even want a “good” job—it’s a sad life to settle for “good.”  We want great.  We want extraordinary.  And we don’t want to wait to get there.

That’s not impatience, that’s carving our own path.

College Is Dead

You can get a great generalized education in grade school, then continue to learn anything you want online.  Want to learn to cook?  Or learn to code? Play chess? Build an app without learning to code?  Start a business? There are hyper-specific classes for all of this and more.  And it’ll cost you a shit-ton less than your average four year degree.

If you believe our predecessors, skipping college means you’ll never get a job so you might as well start your own business.  Honestly though, the entrepreneurial life isn’t for everyone. So what about using college to get a job?

Please.  I’ve hired tons of people, most of them to six-figure jobs, and never once looked at their formal education.  I look at their experience, personality and culture fix.  None of that is handcuffed by which college they did or didn’t go to.

The old ways of education leading to your dream job are dying.

Most Desk Jobs Suck

You can build a million dollar app in your spare time.  You can replace your full time income working a few hours a week and blow it out of the water if you hustle for it.  So why should we “put our time” in before we live our dreams?

You can work a great job and have a great life—now.  Not when you retire, but now.

The old rules of business are dead.

Retirement Is Overrated

The whole concept of retirement is insane in the new economy.  With so much available to us now, why would we want to retire?  The only reason to retire is if you’re doing work you don’t love, and it’s so easy to do that today.  The laptop lifestyle lets us work from anywhere, making money doing basically anything.

When you’re making a great living doing what you want on your own terms, why would you ever want to stop?

I “retired” three years ago, but I still happily work every day.

It’s Our Turn Now

So stop calling us impatient just because we aren’t playing by the old rules.  We know how to work hard.  We know how to create.  We know how to leave the world better than it was before we got there.

And no, we’re not going to wait our turn.

It’s not that we’re entitled.  We just want to live better than average lives and fix the problems you’ve left us.

And if you don’t like that, you need to step out of our way.

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