Story of a Young Entrepreneur – Harshal Dilwali

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Mr. Harshal Dilwali is Director/CEO at Clarissa Group, Hotelier, Real Estate Developer, an Entrepreneur, Politician, Public & Motivational Speaker and a prominent Youth Icon. He became one of the youngest Director of Uttarakhand in 2017.

He is A top-ranked BSc graduate in Hospitality and Hotel Administration IHM, MBA Gold Medalist from IILM with specialization in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from IIM, Bangalore Specialized in Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing from Lapland University at Finland where he received Excellence Award for Outstanding Performance.

Mr. Harshal Dilwali feels passionately about guest and employee experience, and is actively involved in re-engineering and re-structuring of systems and processes of the company, thereby, ensuring an exceptional experience for all. He strongly believes that core values and culture of the company are most important pillars that help to propel any organization’s success.

Mr. Harshal Dilwali was featured in Startup Times, many News Channels, Podcasts, and National and International newspapers. Global Business Icon awarded Mr. Harshal Dilwali as Youngest Entrepreneur of the year 2021 in association with BizNationaTv. Fanatixx Spectrum awards awarded him as the Entrepreneur of the year 2021 and his articles have been published various newspapers. Sparkling Diamonds Awards have awarded Mr. Harshal Dilwali as Entrepreneur and Influencer of the year 2021.

Lets know more about him by asking few questions!

When did he first realize he wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Mr. Harshal Dilwali always used to dream big his life. Initially during his school days, he had no such idea of becoming an entrepreneur initially but the destiny chose something different for him. In 2014, his family entered into Hospitality Industry. They made their first resort in Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, and named it Clarissa Resort. Right from their when he was in high school his journey as an Entrepreneur began.

Mr. Harshal Dilwali became more focused and had a clear vision his mind to pursue his career as an entrepreneur. Mr. Harshal Dilwali worked dedicatedly and passionately to fulfill his dreams. Mr. Harshal Dilwali became one of the youngest Director of Uttarakhand in 2017 and later became Chief Executive Officer in 2020. News Channel India’s 18 and USRB news featured Mr. Harshal Dilwali twice. Mr. Harshal Dilwali proved that there is no age bar to become an Entrepreneur.

How did he get the idea or concept for the business?

Mr. Harshal Dilwali says that it was his family’s ambition to enter into Hospitality Industry. Mr. Harshal Dilwali also said that it took almost 4 years for his family to enter into Hospitality Business. Mr. Harshal Dilwali used to get fascinated when he used to visit hotels and resorts round the world. He and his family used to dream of having one.

In 2014, his family got opportunity to set up their first resort. Mr. Harshal Dilwali said that his father Mr. Ashish Dilwali was true man behind this idea. Mr. Ashish Dilwali Chairman Director at Clarissa Group and father of Mr. Harshal Dilwali has been instrumental in pioneering the development of Clarissa Resorts Pvt Ltd. Recognizing the importance of quality in hospitality management.

Mr. Harshal Dilwali also said that it would not have been possible without his mother Mrs. Pooja Dilwali who was his constant support and motivation. Mrs. Pooja Dilwali is President at Clarissa Group and mother of Mr. Harshal Dilwali. Mrs. Pooja Dilwali thrives on nurturing goodwill by establishing and maintaining organizational structure.

She believes trust and honesty are key factors to achieve success. Mr. Harshal Dilwali believes that it was his family support and efforts to establish Clarissa Group.

What service(s) or product(s) he / his company offer?

Clarissa Resorts offers you best and luxury resorts in the country. Clarissa Resorts caters to Leisure Traveler’s, Destination Weddings, Corporate groups, Events, meetings, Incentive, Exhibitions
The company’s first resort is embedded in the plush verdant on the fringe of Jim Corbett National Park, Clarissa Resort is the peaceful retreat amidst luxury and nature.

Our 4-star resort is only resort in Jim Corbett, which is seated right in the heart of the Bijrani Jungle. Gardens expanding within the settlement offer the most authentic experience of blessed nature making it the best wedding destination resort in Jim Corbett. Resort in Nature Haven Blessed with nature all around, Clarissa is a paradise for birdwatchers. In the peaceful ambiance, you can marvel at the view of exotic and regional birds flocking nearby.

Be it the call of peace and solace or the adventure-craving, from swimming pool to nature walk to jungle safari in house adventure park to spa, everything is brought within your reach making us stand out in the category of top luxury resorts in Jim Corbett. Deservingly listed among the best family resorts in Jim Corbett, we endeavor to indulge you in an experience of a lifetime.

Innovative architecture with embellished exteriors and subtle interior decor exudes the finest warmth of a comfortable stay. The in-house dining area lets you enjoy the beautiful landscape spectacular pool view stretches while you devour the delicious delights. Lounging and entertainment alley works wonders in leisure time spent with your friends and family.

Apart from that, company has come up with its flagship company Clarissa Residency that is mainly into Real Estate Development offering its customers with their Dream Homes and Villa’s.

What is unique about his business?

Clarissa Group offers everything under one umbrella. If we talk about its uniqueness then in 2020 Clarissa Resort become first resort to introduce web check in technology in Hospitability Industry. It became first resort in Uttarakhand to become 100% electronic. The introduced web check in, digital menus and digital payments.

They got featured by news channels. Clarissa Resorts have much more to offer, right from Luxurious Rooms to own Adventure Park, Spa, Lawns, Banquet Halls, Sports Arena, Conference Halls and lot more. Clarissa Residency offers high end luxury Villa’s and second home to its customers. Clarissa Resort has won the “Travelers’ Choice” Award by Tripadvisor 2021 and also got recognition from many news channels and newspaper.

What was his mission at the outset?

Mr. Harshal Dilwali feels passionately about guest and employee experience, and is actively involved in re-shaping and re-organising of systems and processes of the company, thereby, ensuring an exceptional experience for all. He strongly believes that core values and culture of the company are most important pillars that help to propel any organization’s success.

Strongly believes that core values and culture of the company are the most important pillars that help to propel any organization’s success. Believes in Integrity, Customer Focus, Respect for People, Loyalty, Excellence, Innovation, Teamwork, Hard work and Nation Orientation. Passion to dig out customer problems and solve them within no time. Always keep the standards high and work with competent team focusing on complete guest Satisfaction.

Forward-thinking hotelier excited to bring five -year background to growing organization. Expert in setting financial targets and devising strategies to improve internal controls, standards, and processes. Successful in advising business executives on financial strategies driving short-term and long-term growth. Passionate of exploring new technology and working with different people. Versatile Corporate Controller with proven track record providing transformative leadership to growing organizations.

Expertise in Entrepreneurship, Start ups, Hospitality and Marketing. Committed to developing robust standards, internal controls and processes while minimizing risk. Proficient in CRM. Accomplished in reducing expenses, streamlining financial operations and improving reporting functions. Highly organized and systematic with in-depth understanding of hospitality industry. Mr. Harshal is very passionate about new technology and innovations.

Mr. Harshal is also a frequent public speaker motivating and inspiring the next generation on startups, struggles, leadership and values based on own learnings. Enthusiastic Hotelier and Public Speaker eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Clear understanding of functioning and operations and training in Hospitality line. Motivated to learn, grow and excel in different fields.

What are his company’s goals?

Vision Of Clarissa Group:
To be the most admired and responsible chain of hotels and resorts, showcasing the Indian Traditional values with international standards.

Mission: They are committed to meet and exceed the expectations of their guests by providing them the highest level of quality service, safety and security. They commit to provide leisure traveler a consistent warm & friendly guest experience & fond memories. Making your experience count through their contemporary facilities and unparalleled services is our prime motivation.

Their exceptional team work involves regular inspection and up-gradation to keep at par with the constantly changing dynamics. This helps them to welcome you with a renewed zeal that understands your desires of wanderlust.

How did he build a successful customer base?

Mr. Harshal Dilwali gives credit to his employees behind the successful customer base. Mr. Harshal Dilwali believes that his employees are assets of the company. Mr. Harshal Dilwali believes that his employees are like his family to him and with his dedicated employees, diligence in services and determination we are able to cater and fulfill all the needs of our customers making their experience count. We try to make their every moment a memorable one.

What have been some of his failures, and what he learned from them?

Mr. Harshal Dilwali believes that word failure does not exist in his dictionary. Mr. Harshal Dilwali treats all failures as an opportunity to learn. Mr. Harshal has seen many difficulties; he said that failures are part of successful career.

Mr. Harshal focuses on constant life- long learning, dedication and hard work. Mr. Harshal says one should never give up in life and accept the failure with courage because behind every failure there is a learning and gets one closer to success.

Who has been his greatest inspiration?
Mr. Harshal Dilwali believes that his parents are his constant motivation of his life. Mr. Harshal Dilwali believes that his parents have acted as a pillar and huge support behind his career. Mr. Harshal said that this would not have been possible without his parent’s effort. Mr. Harshal also have business role models in his life, he sees Mr. Ratan Tata sir and Mr. Warren Buffet as his mentors.

If he has one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Mr. Harshal believes that, people today give up very easily and go into depression.
Harshal says, ” giving up should never be an option in one’s life. One should always learn from failures. The word impossible should never exit in your dictionary. Always follow your heart and work hard towards achieving your dreams.

He says that one should always dream big in life. One should develop a clear sense of direction in his life, commit to excellence, work longer and harder towards ones goals, dedicate to lifelong learning, be honest to oneself, unlock your inborn creativity, get around the right people, respecting others, be decisive and action oriented and most important never allow failure to be an option.

Mr. Harshal Dilwali possesses down to earth personality and follows a simple lifestyle and He believes that the real reason behind his success is his hard work, passion and dedication towards his work. He says that if person follows these thing and have patience to deliver is hard time to his business then surely one can get success.

Does his company help the community or society?

Mr. Harshal Dilwali said that his company is contributing to society in many ways. Mr. Harshal explained about various CSR activities performed by his company. Mr. Harshal said that his company is major source of employment generation and promoting woman empowerment. Company also provides training opportunities to undergraduates and postgraduates in different fields and department.

Mr. Harshal Dilwali believes in Eco tourism and wildlife conservation, so his company involves activities like use of solar lights, sewage treatment plant, and rainwater harvesting lot more. Mr. Harshal Dilwali wants his customers to be as close as nature as possible by providing them luxury with promoting Eco Tourism

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