Story of Misbahur Rahman’s Growing Startup – Pxlhut Ltd.

What is Pxlhut?
Pxlhut Ltd. is a Marketing agency focused on helping businesses develop their Brand, Marketing and set successful content strategies to achieve the best possible outcome. It is located in Kumarpara, Sylhet city, Bangladesh. Pxlhut Ltd. started with six in-house team members in 2019 and provides Digital Marketing, Web Development, Graphics Design, Android Mobile App development, Social media marketing, UI/UX design, Content writing and more services.

The name of the company ‘Pxlhut’ stands for a digital hut in the digital world. The name ‘Pxl’ points out the pixels we see on any digital object, and ‘hut’ means a house. The name portrays digital marketing services it provides to the businesses under one roof of a house.

Founder & team:
Pxlhut Ltd. has been founded by Misbahur Rahman, an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a clear vision and high goals. He is the Managing Director of Pxlhut Ltd. and also a front-end web developer, graphics designer, and digital marketer & SEO specialist. The CEO, Tofail Tuhin is an SEO specialist and a Digital marketer for the past few years.

Among the others in the team, MD Sala Uddin is a Senior Social Media marketer specializing in Instagram. Mojammal Hossain Mayeen is a senior graphic designer with vast experience in Advertising and marketing. Nafisa Anjum Chowdhury is a Content writer, conversion copywriter, and social media manager, and Roki Roy is a Knowledge panel expert and social media verification specialist. In the mentorship under them are working all the passionate employees of the company.

Mission :
Pxlhut Ltd. is now a team of 25 designers, analysts, marketers, and strategists. Here, the expert team combines their years of experience in Social Media Advertising, Pay Per Click, and everything related to marketing, design, and brand building. Pxlhut Ltd. is working with many businesses, brands, and musical artists from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Switzerland, and many other countries.

They have also worked with many local projects, including a Governmental organization. As many businesses are getting into online marketing after the pandemic broke out worldwide, Pxlhut Ltd. is taking care of their work responsibly and keeping their strategies up to date and competent for the business owners. The expert team here plans advertising and marketing strategies for each category and helps to connect brands with their customers.

Achievements :
Through the power of creativity and storytelling, Pxlhut Ltd. solves problems and delivers the best results to its clients. They are also providing 24/7 support for their clients, which showcases their dedication in a significant way.

According to their statement, “It is tough to manage projects of multiple companies at the same time, but it is advantageous when your clients drop us positive feedback and recommend our services to their acquaintances.”

Website :

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