Strategic Resilience Teams in Post-Merger Integrations

Post-merger integrations develop challenging issues when cultural alignment difficulties go unaddressed only to later surface within problems that are assumed to be unrelated.

Actively hardwiring cultural alignment for successful post-merger integrations requires the following:

  • Issue-Based Team Building: executive integration teams require problem-solving clarification and agreement on their new business mission, vision, strategy, and objectives.
  • Effective Teaming: articulate values of the new organization by creating teams that can properly align business objectives.
  • Team Key Deliverables: ensure clarity of tasks to fulfill deliverables and develop agreed upon practices that characterize the new management.
  • Individual Key Performance Indicators: multi-rater 360 surveys of new individual roles require measuring and adhering to newly established management practices that fuse clarity with expectations.

Further performance specifications for team success in post-merger integration include:

  • Resilience Coaching: teams and individuals need to reinforce these changes over time to hardwire their new management structure. Include specialized coaching for the post-merger integration to include feedback-based management planning sessions.
  • Continue Issue-Based Teaming: integrating changes into new cultures requires continuous teaming to imbed strategic resilience over the long-term. This matures into team-based organizations capable of solving issues together while informing new management practices demonstrated by managers.

Cultural alignments during post-merger integration also benefit from managing issues between teams to ensure continuity for strategic resilience. Additional coaching can offer in-depth feedback throughout the integration process and may even be necessary on a weekly basis. Continuous teaming workshops when combined with coaching hardwires these changes into a cascading effect from the top-down.

Strategic Resilience Teams:

Strategic teaming workshops combine individuals from both cultures to solve the most pressing, shared issues to develop strong integration.  Building and coaching strategic resilience teams in workshops hardwires and unifies clarity of vision while defining the new culture together. Successful strategic resilience teams are built on cascading team-based practices to create organizations capable of permanently establishing transformational resilience

John Miller is Senior Managing Partner for Strategies Consulting Group, a global consulting firm that builds strategic resilience teams for organizations in post-merger integrations. His articles regularly appear in Y! Finance, MarketWatch, Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, and affiliate outlets.

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