Strengthening your Foundation as a Key to Entrepreneurial Success

Being an entrepreneur is no picnic or walk in the park, as they say. While many young people out there are now branding themselves as entrepreneurs, it takes a little more than that to actually be one. As so many people out there will tell you, being an entrepreneur is first and foremost about the mindset.

It’s being in a creative state of mind throughout the day, every day. And that’s largely true. Entrepreneurship is about having the strength to re envision your current world and situation and build something better.

And for that, you need a solid foundation, which is exactly what entrepreneur Justin Allen pointed out when we asked him about it. For those of you not familiar with the name, Allen is one of those incredible people who just won’t stop doing things.

A few years back, he founded his first LLC, launching into the security business. And considering that now, it has become a multi-million-dollar business, we’d say he’s not doing too bad for himself.

But of course, Allen didn’t stop there. After his initial success, he focused his attention on the sporting industry. A lifelong sports lover and athlete, he started DA Method Apparel and DA Method Sports Agency with his two partners Darryl Wilson and James “AJ” Mason.

The first caters to fitness enthusiasts and athletes looking for comfortable, flattering sports apparel, while the latter is representing athletes looking to further their career. But wait, there’s even more. Always a big supporter of creativity and a firm believer in the power of community, Allen also built a bar for the creative community of the Washington DC area. A place where artists can showcase their work and garner some acclaim and recognition from their peers. Above it, a barbershop. It just won’t end.

So naturally, the first thing we wanted to know was, what his secret for this entrepreneurial, ever-creative mindset is. And it came out as one of the most inspiring and heartfelt messages we’ve heard all year.

“Focus on your foundation that you want to specialize in and build on that. Find your lane as a business and be the best at that. Start a business that you love, so every morning you don’t feel like you’re going to work.”

Passion is everything, we’re always being told that. Yet it’s still so rare to come across a successful person who actually got to where they are today following their own passion. Yet for Allen, that’s the only thing he’s been doing.

Having experienced his fair share of disappointment and failure, in 2013, he decided to follow his own interests, launching his security business. Years later, he applied the same mentality in launching DA Method, returning to his childhood love for sports. And it was another win, which leads us to think he might be on to something.

While it may not sound like a big deal, working out your life in such a way that you actually enjoy getting up and going to work each morning might be the right way to do it. And we’ve got Justin Allen to thank for pointing that out.

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