Stress Affects Both Physical and Mental Health

Akash Pillay

The past year has not been easy for anyone of us especially for the entrepreneurs who were immensely affected by the lockdown and the restrictions it got along with that. In the same way, it wasn’t easy for the Pune-based entrepreneur and event manager Akash Pillay, who took a blow being the owner of the event management company during the lockdown period.

Instead of losing hope Akash chooses to stand back on his feet. He did this by using the lockdown period to focus on himself and get healthier and fitter. This not only helped him to achieve his desired healthy body but also helped with deal with stress. He stuck to his daily regime of workouts and switched to healthier eating habits. These difficult months at home have humbled a lot of us, thinking about this Akash Pillay came forward and helped local families by donating masks and sanitary products.

With so much going on in our lives we often forget that animals too had to go through a lot. Akash not only helped local families but also helped the local stray dogs with food and shelter.

According to him, this is the time where we all should come together and help the needy. He further said that “I have experienced a lot in these past 3 months both emotionally and financially. Hospitality and event industries are majorly hit due to the lockdown. But as a responsible citizen, I decided to bear the economic losses rather than violating the rules set by the government. This lockdown has taught me the best and the worst things in my life. And I will always have this with me throughout my life”.

Akash has been a true inspiration for all of us. His dedication towards fitness has taught us that no matter how difficult it gets we should never give up.

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