Stress-Free, Luxury Vacations with The Time Fairy

Flor Kapitzky knows how stressful vacations really are. “It’s ironic, isn’t it?” she says. “That time away from work is supposed to rejuvenate you, but in the end, you return home just as wiped out as you were before the trip. That’s why I created my luxury concierge business, The Time Fairy. I wanted to provide a way for my clients to truly experience vacations as they are meant to be: fun, relaxing, and energizing.”

To accomplish this, Flor plans every aspect of the trip. “I’ve put together some pretty amazing vacations,” she says. “I’ve booked private jets from Paris to Rome. I’ve gotten ‘impossible’ dinner reservations at 5-star restaurants in Los Angeles. I’ve even gotten people tickets to the Wimbledon finale.” That ability to accomplish the impossible has led to Flor’s excellent reputation in her industry.

Before Flor became a highly sought-after trip planner, she worked at the Ministry Public Federal in Brazil after she graduated from law school. “It wasn’t my passion, though,” she says, remembering. “I wanted to do something more creative, so I then became a very successful owner of a jewelry company called Kapitzky. I enjoyed this, but I sold it to an investor so that I wouldn’t compete with their business. I was still drawn to the creative side of life, so I  went to Hollywood, where I was in a movie. I am now a model. Oh, and I am studying real estate. I am interested in everything and am very ambitious!” she says, laughing a little. “Everything about the world fascinates me.”

Flor is a very positive person, and she ultimately turned to the luxury travel industry because it seemed like the perfect chance to use her career to make people happy. “That’s really what I do,” she says. “I pour all of my energy into creating trips that will give my clients a lifetime of memories. All they have to do is call me, and I take care of everything.”

To give her clients the hassle-free vacations they are looking for, Flor gets to know them first. “I could never do what I do if I didn’t understand them,” she says. “I ask the right questions so that I can understand who they are as people and what they want out of a trip. With the information I get, I can choose their destination for them, and they are really surprised by how well I do!”

Flor then really gets to work. She meticulously plans out itineraries, focusing on all the little details that make good trips sensational. “I’m the one you rely on to get those tickets to a concert that no one else can find,” she says. “If you want a private house on a beach in Tahiti, I can reserve that, too. I use the connections I’ve got around the world to create a trip no other luxury concierge can provide.”

The itineraries are not set in stone, however. One reason Flor is so appreciated by her clients is because of how flexible she is. “If you wake up one morning and suddenly don’t feel like touring Paris’ museums and instead want to do something completely different, I’ll set it up for you,” Flor says. “You always have the freedom to change your mind when the mood suits you.” At the end of the trip, when her clients return, Flor loves to hear about the wonderful time they had.

Flor has attained a high level of success with The Time Fairy, and she likes to use it to give back to others. “I love supporting two children in Africa through Child Fund,” she says. “It reminds me that no matter how far I get in my career, it’s important to use it to help those who need it.”

She also likes to support other entrepreneurs who are just starting out. “I know from my own life that the road new business owners are on is not easy. I tell them what I told myself so often in the beginning: never give up on your dreams. The Time Fairy may be successful now, but it was a little rough in the beginning just like it is with any new company. I kept at it, I did not give up, and I am now a premier luxury concierge.”

Flor knows that because of her job, she is able to impact a lot of people. “My clients are extremely busy people, and they are all dealing with a lot of pressure,” she says. “To be able to give them a few weeks that are totally free of any problems or hassles is a real gift that I enjoy giving.”

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