Struggle Story of a 19-year-old Indian Digital Marketer Deepak Thathera

Someone has rightly said When dreams are significant and a passion for fulfilling those dreams, a human being can do anything. Today we will talk about a man who became a successful digital marketer due to his passion and dedication.

We are talking about Deepak Thathera, a young digital marketer from Merta Road, a small village in the Nagaur district. Due to his obsessive nature, Deepak could do everything that the youth of this age could not accomplish due to their hobbies and enjoyment.

Most middle-class families are in India. Deepak belongs to a middle-class family. Where livelihood is possible, but there is no financial support to fulfill your dream. Every small and big decision in these families is also taken carefully because life depends on these decisions.

During the interview

Deepak belongs to a society where Family business or Government job is given more importance. He said that his family wants him to make a career as a government employee. But he feels that if he has to work, why do it for someone else, time and energy for someone else’s work? It is better to do something that gives them a name, and they also have an income to live.

Deepak says that he has loved technology since childhood. He is always trying to learn something new; he learned to operate the computer in childhood, and he used to do things that his classmates could not do at that time.

In the schooling

He wanted to increase his knowledge further, but the place he is from, there was no one to guide him further. So he made YouTube his mentor and kept learning from YouTube and still learns today. This passion led to support and encouragement from his classmates and teachers.

He wanted to get a technical education after 12th but had to complete a bachelor’s degree in biology under family pressure, but he did not give up his passion. He learned from his college education and YouTube.

Starting phase of career

After completing his college education, he worked as a Digital Marketing Executive at Utkarsh Classes, a renowned institute. He does not want to stay in one place, and he wants to make himself more competent. He quit the job of Utkarsh classes, and he works as a freelancer; currently, he works as Digital Marketing Manager at Ikeda Private Limited.

Deepak wants to open a digital agency called E Indian Media in the future, and he wants to teach digital marketing to interested children for free. Deepak is also writing a book titled Careers in Digital Marketing, which will soon be available for free.

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