Struggling with your ‘Dad Bod’? How a Personalized Fitness Regimen Can Work for You

Xenios Charalambous’ fitness journey began with a crush, but transformed into a booming enterprise.

When he was just starting out in life, he hoped that by getting into shape he could win over a woman whom he liked. While ultimately he didn’t gain her affections, he did develop a taste for fitness. He soon realized that getting in shape was a gift he gave himself—and he loved it.

Today, he has turned his love for staying fit into a thriving business, training successful entrepreneurs all over the world. As the founder and owner of Xenios Fitness, Charalambous helps his clients find the same success he found—in both their personal and professional lives—through implementing a detailed fitness regime called the Spartan Coaching Program.

The Spartan Coaching Program

With his background in software engineering, Charalambous was able to create a software program that he could tailor to his clients’ needs, no matter where they were in the world.

Launched in 2017, the Spartan Coaching Program encompasses four different themes that are designed to help individuals meet their fitness goals.

Nutrition: The Spartan Program sets clients up with a personalized nutrition plan that is designed based on the client’s schedule and their goals. Most importantly, the tailor-made meal plan is designed to treat the client’s health issues, like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

Workouts: The Spartan Coaching Program allows you the flexibility to train at home or at the gym. This program is designed based on what you can do, your goal, your injuries, and most importantly, to treat your lower back pain, knee pain, or shoulder issues.

Education: The Spartan Coaching Program uses a holistic learning approach to educate participants on the program. The regime encourages clients to understand the science and logic of how the program is designed so that clients don’t need a personal trainer, nutritionist, or buy another program ever again.

Support: The Spartan Program uses a one on one support system, with real human-to-human interactions: no bots, emails, or automated messages. Through world-class one-on-one dedicated coaches along with chat support and weekly Q & A calls, and psychological support, the Spartan Program helps their clients stay accountable to their fitness goals.

What sets the Spartan Program apart from other fitness regimes is that all of these programs can be personalized to help individuals meet their goals. It is not a one-size-fits-all fitness regime.

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Xenios

Like most of us, many Charalambous’ clients have had previous setbacks that derail their fitness goals, which is certainly frustrating. This is because most fitness regimens are not designed to fit their needs or busy schedule. However, Charalambous’ program is just designed differently. Xenios Fitness provides personalized routines and guidance for everyone, including those with joint problems, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

“You will soon realize that you do not need a personal trainer, nutritionist, or have to buy another fitness program in your life ever again after joining the Xenios Fitness family,” Charalambous said.

Through the Spartan Program, Charalambous has found a way of breaking through any motivational issues clients may experience. With an honest and straightforward communication style, Charalambous meets his clients where they are at and propels them forward toward their goals.

Who Trains with Xenios?

Successful entrepreneurs and busy professionals who are ready to take on their ‘Dad bods’ are generally drawn toward the Spartan Coaching Program. Typically, the clients are at least 30-year-old professionals who are tired of not seeing any progress in their fitness journey.

Each participant needs to make an ongoing commitment to adhere to a nutrition plan and workout regimen.While each plan is tailor-made to fit each client’s schedule and needs, the plans are also designed for long-term sustainability, meaning clients can use them to stay fit for the rest of their lives.

Charalambous guarantees that clients will meet their fitness goals within a year because his plan makes that workable. He doesn’t use severe food restrictions or extensive workouts that can’t fit into his client’s tight schedules. Instead, his plans are science-based plans that can work within the specifications of his client’s lifestyles.

“With our Spartan Coaching Program, we don’t just design the nutrition and workout plans for you, but also teach you the science and logic behind your program,” said Charalambous.

About Xenios Fitness

Fitness Expert & Celebrity Trainer Xenios Charalambous presents the world’s most results-oriented fitness program, Spartan Coaching, which helps people transform and empower themselves to be the best version of themselves, both physically and mentally. We achieve this by providing the most up-to-date and scientifically proven methods with our latest technology. For more information, please visit

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