Stu Shannon’s Journey From Landscaper to Entrepreneur and Fitness Influencer is Awe-Inspiring

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His jaw-dropping sculpted body is the result of his extremely hard work and conscious fitness regimen, but that is not all about the fitness trainer and bride buster Stu Shannon, this man is also an entrepreneur who owns two leading fitness supplements brands Universal Supplements and Growth Labs Australia in Australia.

He also hosts Wot Supp Podcast, which is among the top50 ranked podcasts on the Apple iPod. Stu has made it possible to surpass all the hardships and failures.

Stu left high school to pursue horticulture and became a landscaper. While working as a landscaper, he developed an interest in fitness, which slowly became his passion. He participated in many state and national championships related to fitness. When he achieved considerable success in his new interest, he left the job of landscaper and became a fitness trainer.

When he was working on his fitness, Stu noticed that many brides-to-be hit the gym to get the desired fitness just a few days or few weeks before the marriage. So he decided to create his unique niche of brides buster, where he helped many young ladies to get that perfect and healthy body before their D-day.

Apart from working as fitness trainers for these women, Stu also had a full-time job as a store manager in Aussie Supps. His store had become the best performing store during his tenure.

His passion for fitness drove him to the decision of purchasing the popular fitness chain Gold Gym’s franchise, for which he left the Job from Aussie Supps and sold all investments in property that he made as a landscaper. But delicensing of this fitness chain came as a big jolt to Shannon. He was left with mere AUD 20,000 savings after that.

This did not deter him from rising again. He set up a new supplement store with the name of Universal supplements in a friend’s father’s derelict building. His experience as a successful store manager came as a huge help in this. He started trading with a zero balance account, and within 5 years, took the Universal Supplements to the level of a nationally recognized brand.

On the sidelines of Universal supplements, he also built another fitness supplement brand Growth Labs Australia, which made him among the top formulators of Australia. He has also opened the second store of Universal Supplements.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and fitness trainer, Shannon also built a huge fan following on social media, where he shares content related to fitness, business advice, and inspiration. He intends to inspire people with his positive attitude and never-say-die spirit. He also started a podcast with Warren-Davey, which is one of the best educational podcasts on nutrition.

Stu Shannon’s journey to success is an example that passion and relentless efforts ultimately give the desired results in business and life. He stumbled many times in life but never left his goals in life mid-way.

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