Stylike Brings the Concept of Fashion to the World of Crypto.

Stylike established itself as a fashion app filled with challenges and tournaments. In the latest expansion, Stylike has introduced the concept of Fashion in the crypto world. At Stylike, holders can take pictures based on the themes they get daily.

Stylike Goal

The goal of Stylike is to reward those holders who put time and effort into their daily looks and appreciate Fashion.

Stylike Web 3.0-based App

The team at Stylike focuses on advanced technology that can be used to improve the sense of style and achieve that mission. They have combined Fashion and technology. To make it more fun, the company has presented this in the form of a decentralized web 3.0-based app.

Stylike Fashion Education Center

The primary mission of Stylike is to reward fashionable individuals for their daily style and to increase the knowledge of Fashion in the community. Furthermore, the company is also setting up an academy where users can learn the latest in Fashion from well-known designers and artists. Content shared in their academy will affect and guide their contest and evaluation process.

Stylike Tokens: STYL & STL

STYL and STL are the two tokens of the Stylike platform.

  1. STYL is their in-app unlimited token and
  2. STL is the governance token which is limited to 1,000,000,000 tokens.

Based on their burning system, management, in-app activities, sponsorships, and limited supply of tokens, the token’s value will constantly rise. By gradually distributing the tokens, Stylike will become a decentralized community-owned organization, and in the future, Stylike token holders will be able to vote for any upcoming plans.

Stylike NFTs

When joining Stylike, users choose from 8 different NFT categories symbolized as a camera icon. It will count as a ticket to joining Stylike’s weekly challenge. Each NFT category will come with different challenges and rules. It proceeds with the following steps:

  1. After getting their NFT, users will receive a notification regarding the start date.
  2. Once started, contestants receive a different dress theme every day from the beginning to the end of the week, with the challenge being that they have 24 hours to post the best photograph of them or their friends with the assigned theme.
  3. At the end of the contest, the photos will be judged based on the theme creativity and image quality by the company’s Jury team and trusted AI, ranking them top to bottom.
  4. Winners will be rewarded based on their ranking with their in-app currency, which can be used in their app or cashed out.

Note: Facial features are unimportant as long as the theme is met.

For users who wish to join the challenge but aren’t ready to purchase an NFT, Stylike has a free time-limited pass that users can redeem to take part in their challenges. It is imperative to note that rewards earned on the limited pass cannot be cashed out.

About Stylike

Stylike was created to connect its users to the world of Fashion. Its ambition is to reward those who strive to maintain their fashion sense. With Stylike, users and holders will get paid and can earn prizes based on their style.

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