Subconscious Healing Expert Aisha Ahmed: Defying the Barriers of 2020

If you ask most people, they would say 2020 is one of the worst years ever, and it just keeps getting worse. And then there’s Aisha Ahmed. She would say 2020 is a year to remember, in a good way — and it just keeps getting better.

Aisha, a Subconscious Healing Specialist and Body Code Practitioner, cannot be intimidated by a worldwide pandemic. Instead, she defied the barriers 2020 put in place and ramped up her business with a rebranding initiative in March. This bold move has proven to be exactly what her business needed in a challenging time.

That’s not all. Founder of Aisha Heals, Aisha and her husband launched their first group healing program in June. She says group programs are a better way to reach more people in a short amount of time, and the overwhelming success of this first one has paved the way for more in the future. But who is Aisha Ahmed, and how did she come to be 2020’s nemesis?

A Personal Journey

After migrating from Pakistan to Canada with her husband and young daughter in 2014, Aisha endured personal hardship. After only being away from Pakistan and her family for three months, she lost her sister, and not being able to return home for the funeral took an emotional toll. Aisha says it was this particular event that triggered a profound spiritual awakening for her, and she realized life could not be wasted. From that moment on, Aisha began searching for her purpose. Knowing her natural gifts and areas of expertise, she found her way to her business and natural healing style.

Her Natural Healing Style and Personal Gifts

Specifically, what is her natural healing style? Aisha says her practices are based on quantum science discoveries by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor, and creator of the Body Code. Using this latest system of bioenergetic healing, she can painlessly release trapped emotions and trigger the body’s capacity to heal. This discovery, says Aisha, changed everything for her regarding the way she approaches helping people heal.

Although Aisha has had ample training, she says it’s her intuition that allows her to tap into the root cause of what’s triggering the imbalances in people’s minds and bodies. Aisha has had this unique intuition her entire life. From a very early age, she was fascinated by the self-transformation of all kinds. As a teenager, she was mystified by fourth dimension time travel and other untapped powers of the mind. Her intrigue and her natural abilities have allowed her to gather multiple skills that she now uses to help other people.

Her Services and skills

As a PSYCH-K Facilitator, one of her current qualifications, Aisha helps people transform subconscious beliefs that keep them from reaching their goals and finding their true purpose.

The following is a list of problem areas Aisha helps people conquer:

  •     Relationships: Aisha assists in helping people remove barriers that keep them from finding love and having significant relationships with deep connections
  •     Finances: Aisha helps people overcome obstacles that prevent them from achieving at their highest level professionally.
  •     Family: Aisha guides people to find, address, and heal the emotional baggage that runs through generations.
  •     Physical Health: Aisha helps people overcome the underlying issues causing the physical deterioration they experience from long-term stress and suffering.

Aisha says being the best you possible often means healing a combination of the issues above. By using the power of the subconscious to rewire your old belief systems, she can help you transform your energy blocks, trapped emotions, and limiting beliefs to feel confident in all aspects of your life — career, relationships, and mindset.

More to Come in 2020 and 2021

And 2020 has even more in store for Aisha Ahmed. She is focused on completing her Psych-K training. In addition, she is planning to launch new programs for children and youth to support them in their mental health challenges during the pandemic.

Even a year like 2020 can’t stop Aisha Ahmed from reaching her goals. When it is your business to help people overcome barriers and achieve their highest potential, you really can’t afford to be a quitter, even during a pandemic. Aisha is far from being a quitter. In fact, seeing the way she destroyed the barriers of 2020, she’s quite possibly unstoppable. Those interested in connecting with Aisha can reach her on Instagram at or at her website 

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