Success From Habits, Ambition, and Values

What if the secret to success is that there is no secret to success? Some people work hard, get lucky, and achieve a little bit of success, while others work hard, get lucky, and succeed beyond their wildest dreams. At least, that is how entrepreneur and media producer Victor Garibay feels.

Garibay’s career began with his investment in two YouTube channels. From there, he was able to build a network so that he could become a partner in Bad Ass Media. Bad Ass Media collaborated with Hoplite Entertainment and became the executive producer of Foxy Ladies, Drone Wars, Recipe Hunters, Jelly Ballers and Ink Therapy, all unscripted TV shows dealing with hot-button and timely issues. The company also plans to release scripted television and feature films, but this existing portfolio of high-quality, unscripted shows already hints at the talent in this team.

Garibay’s partnerships with Jim Swanson and Johnny Fratto formed Fratto Entertainment. This important step in his life reflected keen networking ability and intuition for finding talented people to work with. Fratto Entertainment is currently poised to develop both scripted and unscripted entertainment and reflects the talents of all three men.

Most recently, Fratto Entertainment has begun taking steps towards entering the feature film world. Partnering with the Usan family-helmed Strawberry Pictures, owners of some licensed Marvel and D.C. comic book characters, the company is on the verge of some impressive steps that will catapult it into the mainstream feature film world. But how did Victor get from a person with a dream and a conspicuous lack of business background into a successful producer whose star is on the rise?

Garibay emphasizes that he is no different from any other ambitious person. “I’m like any other person who had a goal and didn’t settle for anything less,” he insists. He describes being surprised by the difference between expectation and reality because entering business was not like it had been portrayed. Even the background information he had used to educate himself did not compare to the need to learn on the ground.

Garibay’s secret to success? There is no secret. Anyone can do it. Garibay firmly believes that working hard and staying focused on goals is essential for success and that anyone is capable of these things. Learning about business hands-on is also critical, and perhaps even more valuable than sitting through classes on business.

Learning is not enough. Maintaining key values, which is again something anyone can do, is essential to business. Garibay’s business brand combines the aggression of a lion with the core value of integrity – and learning from one’s mistakes. “Sometimes,” he reminds us, “the deal you walk away from is the best you can do.” Not everything will turn out perfectly, and it is sometimes a better option to recognize when that is likely to happen and use the experience to grow.

Garibay has vaulted himself from a quiet investor behind the scenes to a visible, hands-on producer whose name will be tied to many memorable productions in the coming years. The best part is that while he may soon produce movies about superheroes, he is just an ordinary person who stayed focused on his values and goals.

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