Success mantra for digital times by Ethan Kekoaponoali’i MacAuley

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.

Esquared Media LLC, a US-based, data-oriented firm, is imparting its services to small businesses that have been in distress since the inception of the coronavirus pandemic. The agonizing impact of the outbreak left us all in great misery, along with the businesses whose financial pillars were weakened.

With an objective to maximize the business outreach by strategizing an infrastructure that can target the desired audience, Esquared Media LLC was successful to help over 500 businesses and individuals to meet their coveted goals. The various marketing tools that are involved in the process are all professional and the services available are personalized according to the client’s need.

The pivotal fact pertaining to its operation is the sophisticated yet simplified methods that assure success by bringing a drastic change in growth. 

Ethan Kekoaponoali’i MacAuley, the founder of Esquared Media LLC, expresses his elation by quoting, “Your life will be however you perceive it.”. He further explains that the very perception about his business and life pushed him to perfect himself. Currently a senior at Vanderbilt University, he has been in the business for 7 years.

Kekoa MacAuley began his professional journey as a YouTuber streaming his achievements from the gaming world on his channel. With the passing time and growing influence, he was eventually drawn towards social media marketing, SEO, content creation, and other growth techniques.

He was quick to act with these strategies to revolutionize the Instagram marketing game by developing a thriving lead generation outreach process which has helped countless clients since its inception. Today, Esquared Media LLC has achieved immense success in the market, as the trailblazer of digital marketers. 

Esquared Media LLC and Kekoa MacAuley himself value the significance of customer satisfaction. Since the beginning of its operation, the company has made sure to build a joyous and friendly atmosphere for everyone, including staff. 

The pioneer of this business, Kekoa MacAuley, exclaims that the deceptive idea of schooling is misleading and inappropriate in the current day. He believes the exhaustive regimen of school can limit your opportunities to explore outside the box. Moreover, Kekoa believes that following an unconventional path can present you with limitless possibilities, if you have the determination to work on them. 

When asked about the inspiration behind his success, Kekoa MacAuley says, his parents, who have dedicated their professional lives to their enterprises, motivated him to follow his desired profession – business and social media marketing. Recalling, the mistake in the initial phase of his business, he said, his mother provided him with an important life lesson that he still cherishes.

Ethan Kekoaponoali’i MacAuley will graduate this year and pursue his agency, Esquared Media LLC for the upcoming years.



Written by Umesh Agarwal

Umesh Agarwal, a founding member of Credit 101 LLC (, an established entrepreneur, credit guru, and mentor, is no exception to the young thinkers who wandered through the idea of being your own boss and escaping the shackles of micromanagement. What separated him from the rest of the aspiring millionaires is how his ideas fueled his life to action. Umesh studied Engineering in India; eventually moved to Texas and completed his Masters of Science in Engineering.

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