Successful Businessman Simranjit Aujla Shares his Perspectives on the Importance of Imagination in Entrepreneurship

Simranjit Aujla

Napoleon Hill once said, “what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”. These words are at the forefront of 23 year old entrepreneur Simranjit Aujla’s mind, as he takes the entrepreneurial world by storm. According to Simran, our mindset can either be the most valuable asset or devastating detriment to our livelihood and success.

Today, Simran has built his thriving business focused on sharing the power of thought and imagination with the world to create progressive-thinking entrepreneurs, determined to turn their dreams into beliefs and their beliefs into realities. 

Born in Lebanon, Simran had a very cultured childhood, spending his adolescence in three different countries, moving from Lebanon to India in 2007, then to America in 2013 where he currently resides. Simran is enrolled at Indiana University where he is studying Accounting and Finance, set to graduate in December of 2021. 

Simran has been through multiple different types of employment from working at Taco Bell, to different warehouses, but his end goal and vision always remained the same – financial freedom. In 2020, Simran was introduced to the concept of trading in the financial markets and networking marketing, which gave him the platform he needed to not only find his independence financially, but share with the masses his philosophy of growing our mindsets in order to grow our bank accounts. 

To date, Simran has created his own business called “Only the Elite”, consisting of a team of like-minded individuals eager to improve themselves and open their minds to new possibilities in three aspects – personally, mentally and financially.  

When discussing the objective behind Only the Elite, Simran says:

“The concept is super simple: teach the world financial literacy by helping people understand the power of their imagination. To achieve your goals whether it be in life, in business, in finances, it starts in your mind. You have to visualize yourself possessing what you want, then do the work as if you already have what you want, and then you’ll possess that which you desire. It’s 95% mindset and 5% work – what you can imagine you can achieve, if we cannot imagine it, we cannot achieve it.”

Simran says a large part of the reason he chose to create his business around helping others find freedom financially, is because of his own experiences with employment in the past. As an immigrant to the US, Simran started out working in a warehouse with long hours and very little flexibility, and helping others gain more control over their time was imperative in his vision. 

“A lot of people with 9-5 jobs work hard everyday putting in so many hours, making sure they do good, hard work, but when the day comes and they need a day off, the boss won’t allow it. That’s what got to me. That’s how I’m able to change people’s lives because they can come here and literally replace their income, making full-time money online as a digital entrepreneur while trading and building their business,” says Simran. 

Despite his experiences of adversity, growing up amongst a war in Lebanon and struggling through a language barrier when moving to the US, Simran was able to keep his positive mindset intact and uses his past struggles as fuel for his continued progression of building his own American Dream. Having such a diverse background has helped Simran keep an open mind to the possibilities he found in the US, and he encourages others to remain coachable and willing to learn when it comes to new opportunities.

When discussing how he was able to overcome the barriers he faced in growing a people-oriented business, Simran says:

“When starting this business I started to see how close-minded people can be and I started taking their criticism to heart. I had to remind myself that their response to new opportunities is a reflection of them, not me. So the words they choose to use or the opinions they form about me or about my business is telling me who they are. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Those who are open-minded and have a willingness to change are the ones who will succeed. It’s important to be coachable enough to actually listen to someone who has the results that you want. Being able to grow my mind and begin to learn so many different things got me to the level I am right now.” 

Simran says that because he believed that he could reach such heights of success, he was able to achieve it. Visualization of the end result is vital, not only as the first step, but as the key factor for achievement throughout the journey. His structured daily routine with unfailing dedication to personal development every morning has helped him to stay on target as he pursues his goals.

“Your DMO’s are extremely important – daily methods of operation. They’re about what you do on a daily basis, the habits that you have can either get you closer to your goal or further away from it. What are you doing to ensure your beliefs are strong every day? If you can’t believe that you can achieve what you desire, then you make that your reality of not achieving it. My DMO’s are waking up in the morning, writing down my goals, writing down exactly what it is that I want out of life and things that I’m grateful for. If you’re not grateful for what God has given you right now, what makes you think he’s going to give you more? You have to understand that your mind is so powerful – it’s like a radio, you’re emitting frequency right now – and the frequency you’re on is up to you. Whatever level you vibrate on, that’s what you’re going to attract,” says Simran.

As a successful entrepreneur, continuously growing Only the Elite and the mindsets of those he mentors, Simran strives to inspire and encourage others to harness the power of their imagination to turn their dreams into beliefs, and their beliefs into reality. In the words of Albert Einstein as Simran reiterates often to aspiring entrepreneurs, “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

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