Successful Jewelry Designer Ashley Marie Highlights “Independence” As Her Motivation

Ashley Marie has grown to become one of the biggest names in the jewelry industry, with her passion for designing exquisite and unique jewelry, making her stand out of the pack. Ashley started making jewelry at the tender age of 8, a feature that can be largely attributed to her seemingly “out of the box” thought process. Ashley found peace in jewelry design, selling her works to family and friends, and starting her entrepreneurial journey in the process. 

The jewelry market has grown to become a multi-billion-dollar industry catering to the diverse needs of customers across the globe. With jewelry described as one of the oldest forms of ornamentation in the world, the industry has continued to grow in leaps and bounds over the years. While several brands and manufacturers have emerged over the years to provide stunning pieces to help accentuate the beauty of the wearer, consumers seemingly struggle to stand out due to the generic nature of the jewelry pieces available on the market. This is where Ashley Marie and the team at A.MARIE have been able to make a difference over the years.  She has been able to successfully disrupt the jewelry industry in a relatively short while, thanks to her “out-of-this-world” creations and the collections offered by her company – A. MARIE. 

Ashley has always been different growing up and this seems to have helped her even as an entrepreneur, especially with the A.MARIE jewelry brand. The creative jewelry designer and entrepreneur has attributed her steady rise to her desire for freedom and independence, which stems from wanting to live her best life. 

“Freedom and Independence are what keeps me motivated,” said Ashley Marie. “I am on a mission to truly live my best life. I feel like in order to do so I have to be strategic and smart. But for me, this means strategic about energetic boundaries. Making sure the people and experiences in my life don’t drain me but instead add value and make me a better person. Finding ways to optimize my mental and physical health. Creating healthy and safe spaces for me to be inspired, hustle but also rest and reset,” Ashley continued.

A.MARIE is on the way to take the market by storm, not only with their unique jewelry pieces but also with the approach adopted in delivering their products to customers, especially women, with the primary goal of helping them to boost their confidence and stun at every occasion. In line with their goal of helping to bring out the confidence in every woman while giving themselves the permission to feel and look good, Ashley created the extremely unique and innovative A.MARIE label. The company houses several brands created to handle different yet similar needs of jewelry lovers. There is A.MARIE Jewelry that provides women with unique varieties, Bling Box by AMJ, a jewelry subscription service box that offers the gift of self-love, and Ashley Marie: a lifestyle and personal development brand.

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