Sudhir Mishra – A Messiah for Indian Government Job Seekers

Hailing from the White Tiger City of India, Sudhir Mishra once saw a dream and has worked hard since then to make it a reality. A graduate in engineering but a blogger by profession, Sudhir did his schooling from Rewa and graduated from Bhopal.

Belonging to a lower-middle-class family, he didn’t have many resources. But, he was ambitious and hardworking enough to do something big in his life. Rather than pursuing something mediocre, he decided to work on his online platform, Employment News that was launched in August 2014.

In a world ruled by big names like Linkedin,, etc., Sudhir launched his platform in Hindi, enabling the common public to learn about all the relevant information about job openings. While he is dedicated to making this portal huge, he does blogging & SEO work to earn his bread and butter.

Employment News is dedicated to providing all the information about central and state government jobs. India is a diverse country, has a massive Hindi-speaking population, and this portal is specially designed to help Hindi speak candidates. What started out as a dream, Employment News has become popular in North Indian states like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand, to name a few.

Nothing worth achieving comes easy. Initial days are always challenging and even more if you don’t have the resources. Due to lack of knowledge and money, Sudhir faced various challenges, including funds, coding, design & SEO while working on his portal. It was challenging to create a web page as he was inexperienced in coding.

Another challenge he faced was to get an internet connection without having enough money to spend. Internet connections were too costly back then, and managing money for it was not easy as he was also pursuing his studies side by side.

He mentions,

It wasn’t easy back in the day. I was studying and trying to build on my dream along with it. I didn’t know if it was going to work out or not. But, I was always hopeful and never gave up on my dream.

He further adds,

It took me one complete year to make the portal available to the people that too without making any money. I even tried to get a google Adsense account, but it was continuously getting rejected. Finally, I had some luck in January 2015, and my Google AdSense account got approved. This was the time when I finally started seeing some money come in.

With all the hard work and a never-satisfying hunger to achieve his goals, Sudhir is now living a comfortable life while gaining popularity. He has helped many people by providing them the correct information about government jobs available in the country while there is no other platform doing this.

He’s not only working hard to achieve his own dreams, but he is also helping others in fulfilling theirs.

One should dream big but also work hard to fulfill it. No matter how many challenges life threw in Sudhir’s way, he never gave up. He knew that he was doing good work, and his unwavering attitude made all the difference.

Looking at his life, one can say, ‘challenge the difficulties and win the battle,’ which is the mantra of Sudhir’s life that has rewarded him with a bright future.

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