Sun Down Charlie’s Journey In The Music Industry

Based in the Bay Area of California, Sun Down Charlie has lived quite an extraordinary life. Growing up in a lower-class home gave him the drive to be the best he could be. His father was a military veteran, serving two tours in the Vietnam War. Being the youngest of 5 kids in a military family, Sun Down Charlie learned the importance of perseverance and determination quickly.

Sun Down Charlie’s roots in the music industry can be traced back to his father. As a member of The Hepsters, Charlie’s father was in one of the most exciting groups of Cleveland, Ohio’s 1950’s doo-wop era. He was later inducted into the State of Cleveland’s Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Growing up with his dad so deeply involved in the midwest music scene gave Sun Down Charlie the opportunity to start his own path early.

While Sun Down Charlie is currently finding success in his craft, it hasn’t always been an easy route to where he is today. At the age of just 17 years old, Charlie was kicked out of his own house. His parents divorced when he was seven years old, but his father later remarried by the time he was 11. This constant turmoil in his family made it difficult for Charlie growing up. He was always compared to his older siblings, which drove him to participate in criminal activities. He had to do whatever it took to make a come up.

Charlie’s first real action came while break dancing in local groups near San Jose. He became a promoter under the “World War II” moniker, drawing crowds for dance competitions around the area. These local shows also featured talented hip-hop acts, gaining enormous popularity. It was in this underground scene of San Jose where Sun Down Charlie began to write his own music.

With the foundation for his music built in the underground, Sun Down Charlie has been pursuing his career as a musician for years now. He made his initial debut to all major streaming platforms in 2020 with his single “Kele.” The song hit #1 on the charts in Nigeria for a week after it’s initial drop. It was quite an entrance to make.

As an independent artist, Sun Down Charlie has amassed thousands of streams across different platforms, gaining new fans every day. He plans to release a new album in May of this year.

Aside from his career as an artist, Charlie is now a hands-on single father, tech executive, angel investor, and entrepreneur.

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