Sunil Tolani Carves Out a Name For Himself in the Hospitality Industry Through Genuine Leadership

Sunil Tolani is a man of many accolades. As he continues to perform with sheer success, he has yet again received the most prestigious award as “Businessman of The Year.” Not to mention, Sunil also garnered the top votes for the Holiday Spirit Award, an annual recognition of Orange County business owners who are kind, generous, and full of goodwill all year long. The judges described Mr. Tolani as an owner whose focus is people, not money.

Sunil Tolani is the founder and CEO of Prince Organization which he established in August 2007. His first-ever venture came in the form of a Holiday Inn Express. Since then, the brand has evolved into a massive hotel with over thousands of rooms acquired in just a span of thirteen years. 

With Mr. Sunil Tolani at the helm, he makes sure that his hotel is a hospitality-specialized acquisition company putting the needs of its employees, clients, and community first above all else. Prince Hotels had become the first hotel organization that applied for a change of corporate structure in CA from a “Profit Corporation” to a “Benefit Corporation,” focusing on its mission for social responsibilities. 

The hotel also aims to create thousands of jobs and expand the economy by creating a positive impact and meeting full standards of accountability and transparency in the communities that it operates in. Much like the amazing Mr. Sunil Tolani, the Prince Hotel has also garnered multiple awards in many states and many under contract for acquisition within 2021 and beyond.

Prince Hotel aims to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction to its guests, which in turn delivers the highest occupancy, ADR, and ROI. They also aim to nurture their staff for personal growth within their own lives, making sure that they are well compensated in everything that they do.

Mr. Sunil Tolani is a kind soul who makes a positive impression on everyone he comes across. “I always wanted to be a social entrepreneur in this highly passionate lodging industry by exemplifying high standards in leadership, citizenship, and innovations, one who can be an inspiration to this industry, a rare example of highest customer service others can emulate, and a mentor to newcomers,” says Mr. Tolani.

His management philosophy, he said, is to “first of all is to be very respectful of all my team members. I give managers full authority. I use the DEPTH approach:

  • DELEGATE employees with responsibilities
  • EMPOWER employees to make smart decisions
  • PAY Employees above industry wages
  • TRAIN employees to provide memorable guest experience
  • HIRE the right people who have a desire to grow personally, professionally, financially and educationally.”

Prince Organization works with top hotel brands like IHG, Hilton, and Marriott, winning numerous awards from these top hotel brands of the world.

Aside from awards and accolades, Sunil Tolani has also received praise from his contemporaries. Keith Barr, CEO Inter Continental Hotels ( IHG), expressed, “Dear Sunny! Congratulations on the continued recognition of your leadership, the culture you have created and the successes of your business ventures. You are a talented entrepreneur and executive who has come a long way since 1996. You should be proud of what you have done and the role model you’ve become for your teams.Keep up the great work and stay safe!”

Arne Sorenson, the CEO of Marriott Hotels, expressed to him in a note, “Thanks for the note, Sunny. You are inspiring to your team and to me. And you, my friend, are very generous. Thanks for all you do for our industry and for the US. Happy New Year.  Good work, Sunny. There is simply nothing like making a difference.”

Chip Rogers, CEO of American Hotel & Lodging Association, told him, “Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration during these very difficult times.” Another colleague also expressed, “You are a talented entrepreneur and executive who has come a long way since 2007.”

The Prince Organization is the gold standard of fairness, offering opportunities for multicultural employees with commitment to progressive virtues of valuing diversity and inclusion. They strive to validate their contributions and opportunities to learn and grow in hospitality improving meritocracy.

In an interview, Sunil was asked three questions, which he graciously answered:

What is the most important thing you learned in 2020?

Sunil: The year 2020 reinforced that we have a strong amazing family at home and in our hotels. God has his hand on this company for a long time, and we should never quit in the face of uncertainty but move quickly with grit and resilience to serve the people who need us most as we are in the hospitality industry, an “essential” industry.

What was the highlight of the year?

Sunil: Bringing food and cheer to our frontline workers, medical community and first responders—those who keep us safe. Serving those who serve, and now more than ever honor all the heroes serving our communities. It is a shot of adrenaline to the heart.

What are your hopes for 2021?

Getting back to seeing people on the weekends in assisted living facilities to smile with family, community, and temples, church and a kinder, gentler society. 

Tolani wrote to hoteliers “Let us all move forward with positivity and emerge stronger than ever.” He communicates regularly with the WH, governors, senators, and mayors and put in efforts to keep hotels open, getting the “essential business” label in this pandemic.

To know more about the amazing Mr. Sunil Tolani and his growing business, make sure to visit the Prince Organization’s Facebook page.

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