Supply Lab Founder Advises on 2021 Fashion and Retail Trends

Disruptive female entrepreneur Tara N. Bodt has owned three businesses- a woman’s retail store, men’s footwear company, Supply Lab, and an Ecuadorian coffee distributor, Café Galletti, that supports women coffee producers, with 20-years of fashion business experience. Tara was the Sales and Marketing VP at Robert Wayne, launched Supply Lab, and received her first order from Jackthreads. Eventually, she launched in Nordstrom, Zappos, American Eagle, DSW and Nordstrom Rack. Born out of her living room, Tara started with one boot, three colors, and the rest is history!

She says regarding Supply Lab, “I always had a vision and felt there was a white space for a line that is clean, contemporary, had your everyday basics, made from quality material, but still affordable. I love simplicity and think it is very underestimated. With Café Galletti, I loved the mission, and wanted to help bring the brand to the USA.”

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About Tara N. Bodt

Tara N. Bodt graduated with a BS in Marketing, completed three internships (Chanel, Elle Magazine and KCD) and lived in Spain for half a year. She has been in the Fashion Industry for 20 years, and started my own company back in 2016, Supply Lab and Café Galletti 2020. SL was started in my living room with one shoe, three colors, one customer and started growing and eventually started selling Nordstrom, Zappos, Neiman Marcus, DSW, Men’s Wearhouse and several others. By 2018, Tara was acquired to help keep growing the brand. In 2020, she became the Distributor for Café Galletti, an Ecuadorian coffee and chocolate company that supports women coffee producers. As of now the brand is on their website, Gilt, WalMart and The Grommet.

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