Survival Techniques Suggested By Brian C Jensen That Can Do A Lot Of Good For Your Wellness And Wellbeing

Although people have become more conscious about health, the awareness about protecting our mental health is quite disappointing. When talking about health and wellbeing, we usually stress too much on the physical aspects and rarely talk about our psychological wellbeing, which is perhaps more important to lead a healthy life.

Unhappiness and dissatisfaction can ruin healthy lives, and it is imperative to protect our mental health by taking good care of it, believes Brian C Jensen. The effects of poor mental health are visible in several incidents of mass shootings across America, which is now a significant cause of trauma.

To look after your wellness, you must first learn to love yourself so that when the cudgels are down, you have the power to rebound by beating the odds. Here are some ways to ensure your wellness and wellbeing.

Value yourself – the first advice from Brian C Jensen

You must be grateful for your life and know how to celebrate it by treating yourself with respect and kindness. Be nice to yourself even when you are feeling down instead of overly critical about yourself by engaging in self-criticism. Be compassionate about yourself and try to do something nice for someone else to find reasons enough to congratulate yourself and bask in the glory of your success in making someone smile.

Be kind to yourself and engage in activities that help to express your feelings and emotions in some creative ways. For example, spend time on your hobbies, dancing, and gardening, learning a new language, or solving puzzles that can be mentally enriching.

Be in good company

To ensure that you stay in the right frame of mind laced with positivity, engage with the right people who are like-minded and share similar tastes and outlooks about life. Such people typically have strong family and social connections that help them maintain a healthy mind as they derive their inspiration of living from a strong support group.

Spend more time with supportive friends and family members or engage in activities that introduce you to new people to expand the network. The more time you can spend within your network, it will teach positivity and ward off anxiety and depression.


Find some time for yourself when you can be completely alone and sit on the patio in the evening and lazily gaze at the night sky as the twinkling stars shimmer in the distance. Drive out all thoughts from your mind and hum your favorite song or tune as your body relaxes and the mind starts unwinding, making you forget the difficult things you encountered during the day.

Then, when you are all at ease with yourself, you feel completely relaxed and ready to take a fresh look at life with more interest.

If you ever find yourself struggling, do not hesitate to reach out to people within your support group for help. Talking to them about your difficulties can help to find solutions that put you back on your course.

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