Survivalist Steven Kelly Talks about the Benefits of Learning Bushcraft Skills and the Impact on Life

Survivalist Steven Kelly Talks about the Benefits of Learning Bushcraft Skills and the Impact on Life

Technology and hundreds of other transformations have changed the world as we know it. After every few years, we witness new trends and inventions which redefine conventional concepts.

Although, there is one thing which has remained constant since the inception of time and that is human behaviour and thought process. The way humans feel emotions and take decisions remains the same.

There are specific life skills which have been helping humans for thousands of years, and one of the most prominent ones are Bushcraft skills. From being an utter necessity in earlier times to being a big personality booster in modern times, Bushcraft skills and their importance has evolved!

Story of Steven Kelly

In this post, we talk about Steven Kelly, a soldier serving in 29 Commando regt RA who has been teaching Bushcraft skills in the army for 18 years!

He has experienced various life-changing moments in his experience of practising and teaching Bushcraft skills in numerous countries and people belonging to multiple sectors of life.

In this post, we share what he has learned and experienced. We are sure these experiences and benefits will answer some of the questions you are looking for in life!

Who is Steven Kelly?

Steven Kelly is the head instructor and founder of South West Survival – A Bushcraft training company specialising in various programs for professionals, children and other custom groups.

He has trained and instructed weapons, survival and Bushcraft skills in the British army for 18 years, working in Afghanistan, Norway, and Sierra Leone, Steven is also PTTLS, CTTLS trained, SERE, mountain first aid and DBS checked.

Steven’s experience on the impact of learning Bushcraft skills in life

Steven’s decades of experience has allowed him to experience the impact of his teachings on his students’ lives.

Here are the top benefits which he has experienced firsthand.

  1. Learning and improving the odds of survival

One of the most significant benefits lies in learning survival skills that help us endure challenging situations. If you love to be outdoors and explore new territories, survival skills are a must.

With the right set of tools and skills, you can practically live and explore even the most challenging areas like forests and mountains.

  1. Being self-reliant

Bushcraft and survival skills teach you everything about being self-reliant in adverse situations and finding means of survival.

Skills that were fundamental for humans a few centuries ago like lighting a fire, getting wood, cooking, and protecting yourself from wild animals are almost extinct these days.

Learning these helps you explore a different version of yourself!

  1. Benefits for professionals

Success in your professional life is all dependent on the way you look at life and skills, including communication and learning skills.

Survival and Bushcraft skills help you build your character and increase your learning capabilities. As you look at life from a different perspective, your way of dealing with people changes.

This directly results in benefits in professional life in the form of increased efficiency and creative thinking.

  1. Benefits for Children

South West Survival runs programs for groups of children that are planned to cover almost all the aspects of survival and bushcraft skills.

Younger age groups are among the best times to learn survival skills when the grasping power is higher, and children can apply the learning in their day to day lives. It helps build confidence in children to make decisions and experiment in their lives!

  1. Important life skills

There are some set of skills which will benefit you in every part of your life, including but not limited to:

  • Increase in self-esteem
  • Confidence building
  • Building a stronger character
  • Decision-making habits
  • Social skills
  • Making decisions quickly at crucial moments

And many others

  1. Social and communication skills

Another essential skill that you learn is effective communication and social interaction skills.

During the training programs, every participant has to communicate with each other at various times which helps them learn the power of teamwork.

You tend to build social relationships and get to experience the benefits of communication and working together. Communicating crucial things between activities enables people to learn and apply the same in their day-to-day lives!

  1. Fun and getting to explore the environment

Last but not least, these skills allow you to remain fit and healthy effortlessly.

You get to do a lot of fun activities and explore nature. There is a lot to explore, and you can enjoy your exploration with the knowledge and experience of these skills.


As Steven and millions of people have experienced across the Globe, Bushcraft and survival skills should be considered basic life skills and everyone must acquire these through various methods.

These will help you uncover your hidden talents and build a strong character to assist you in every part of your life!

To know more about Steven Kelly and South West Survival, head straight to and get to learn everything about survival and Bushcraft skills.

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