Surviving Scandal with Melissa DeLay

When most people think about scandals, they think about celebrities being caught doing something wrong. They are caught cheating, supporting other problematic figures, or saying something controversial, among others.

However, they are not the only ones who face scandal. Businesspeople, CEOs, and corporate individuals can also be involved in scandals. That is why nowadays, there is a long list of experts who can help you navigate these issues. This is why so many find themselves surviving scandal with Melissa DeLay.

Melissa DeLay is a consultant, executive coach, and speaker dedicated to changing how people think about their interactions with others. Her background in Organizational Communication and Business Communication prepared her to help executives, managers, salespeople, and customer-facing professionals gain the skills required to communicate with confidence, regardless of the situation.

DeLay founded TruPerception to help these individuals deal with some of the most challenging situations that may present along their professional careers. “Through stories of corporate intrigue,” says this expert, “I share challenges so great they threaten to destroy entire companies, ruin personal reputations, and expose remiss leaders. I then give audiences simple steps to avoid these pitfalls and gain valuable insight into how to strengthen their reputation and get better results than they ever thought possible.”

For over two decades, DeLay has worked with different clients to help them learn how to deliver the right words in the right way to drive change, manage crises, boost engagement, and build a stronger brand. She is a firm believer that everyone can communicate with confidence if they have the appropriate communication strategy. However, her experience has shown that 90% of professionals do not know how to speak correctly, which can affect their work.

Through TruPerception, DeLay offers different services that are beneficial to her clients:

  • Speaking engagements: she will attend clients’ next conference or corporate meeting to share tools and resources that will help with communication.
  • Workshops: after attending, teams will manage everyday crises with ease, create smart, influential messages on the fly, and control ambushes, difficult coworkers, and client conflicts.
  • Ghostwriting: so every clients’ message is clear to be heard and protects their reputation.
  • Coaching: DeLay will do private coaching sessions to guarantee her clients can communicate the right message according to every situation they must face.

DeLay is an expert in communications, especially crisis avoidance, responding to microaggressions, and good ways to deliver bad news. She focuses on truth, clarity, and positive perceptions to help professionals become more effective, respected, and influential communicators. “I want to reestablish a communications ethic, which inspires millions of people to speak and write the truth considerately and objectively.”

In the era of technology, everything is about communication and how you express yourself. One wrongfully used word, one action out of place, or one controversial thought can leave an individual facing the biggest scandal of their life. Professionals need to know how to communicate according to every situation they are in.

Lucky for them, Melissa DeLay offers her services and experience to prepare them for the scandal and the fury of customers or coworkers. Her desire to reestablish a communications ethic guarantees you will survive the scandal and come out on the other side much stronger.

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