Swapnil Vasant Kankanwade Emerges as a Successful Digital Market Influencer

What does it take to stand out in the crowd especially when the competition is tough? Well, if you ask this to the digital market influencer, he will reply that commitment to accomplish the job comes first and the commitment to do the job then follows. Hailing from a humble background of a family based near Kolhapur, Maharashtra, this young man has gained a good success in digital marketing and media in his own ways.

Besides his conviction and high end energy level, diligence from him also kept him motivated. These are the things he promotes among the aspirants who want a successful career in digital marketing.

He crafted his own ways while treading the path of Media and Digital Marketing to gain success in this segment. Being stubborn for the results, he kept trying and remained consistent in his efforts that made the way out for him in the digital marketing industry.

He has remained as one of the most productive visionary in business and thus remained a remarkable achiever in this domain. While sharing his success mantra he says everyone should remain consistent in their efforts to be a digital marketer.

He stands for work but not like slaves as he recommends smart work with maintaining a perfect work and life balance along with taking society along. He has been consistent in his efforts with his skill sets when he was barely 18. This made him embark upon the field as a competitive Facebook Ad breaker wherein he earned more than 15 lakhs per month.

He also gained good on Facebook with several Instant Article features. He has managed to gain in his career covering all the milestones in a pretty young age with the same strategies. He now holds experience of nine years in Digital marketing and he is going great in it, emerging as an example for all.

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