SWITCH EXPERIENCE 2021’ turned out to be a bonanza for all the music and party lovers. Here are the details!

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak hit the globe, things have drastically changed. With events and shows getting cancelled, things became virtual. However, the joy of being at the event or party is different than what you experience virtually. With the situation getting back to normal, businesses have lately become operational. The event and entertainment industry which was severely hampered during this time is getting back on track now. One such milestone achieved after these dire times is by Nagesh Desai and Lloyd Gueizelar.

The two gentlemen brought the party scenario back with all the COVID-19 safety protocols in India’s party destination, Goa. Their first attempt was the Halloween Party at Viva La Riva at the Riva Beach Resort. The response to the event was pretty decent after which they organized New Year’s Eve Supreme 2021 at the same location. Bringing the curtains down of 2020, the two men made sure to welcome 2021 with a bang by following all the safety measures and giving people an experience of a lifetime.

After starting with the one-day event, the duo recently organized ‘SWITCH EXPERIENCE 2021’ which turned out to be a massive success. The boutique music festival had many genres of music, and it started from January 22 to January 26. The five-day-long festival had some of the best names from the music and entertainment industry including Ash Roy, Logical Lloyd, Midival Pandit, Calm Chor, Almost Human, G Monk, Baba Robijn, Deepesh Sharma among others. Not just the singers and DJs, but the long Republic Day weekend saw more than 50 celebrated names who came together and entertained the people with some remarkable performances on two stages. This larger than life event was held at Solaris Underground in Morjim, Goa.

Moreover, ‘SWITCH EXPERIENCE 2021’ was all about Tech House, Techno Music and it comprised all the latest music genres. Reggae was, however, a surprising element as the music genre took the audience by storm. Besides serving quality entertainment, the experience of the audience was top-notch. “The response has been phenomenal, and we have been getting calls and invitations from various top-notch event organizers, said Lloyd Gueizelar. After the humongous success of ‘SWITCH EXPERIENCE 2021’, they are now planning for something spectacular in March. The event also gave many talented artists, DJs and performers a platform to showcase their skills.

Apart from this, the event was backed by Mint Experience which was an official accounting partner for the event. Mint Experience was founded over a decade ago which has organized many events, weddings and festivals in the past. With the huge support of Nagesh Desai, the event turned out to be a game-changer. Speaking about the concept of ‘SWITCH EXPERIENCE 2021’, Lloyd said, “The concept is simple. When we say switch, it is about mood. It resonates with shift and has a special connect to it. We thought that the pandemic might have made people sad, isolated and aloof. Then why not switch their mood and make them joyous and happy. It is all about switching the party mode and forgetting all the negativity.”

Not just music, the 5-day festival had some kickass decor. The food and cocktail bar at the event which was by the sunset was indeed a sight to see. In the night, the event redefined the true meaning of party with its 360-degree lighting experience, multi-laser shows and the mind-boggling sound and music. Well, after getting an overwhelming response, they are now all set to bring something grand in the coming months. ‘SWITCH EXPERIENCE 2021’ has succeeded in overcoming the tough times people faced, and Nagesh Desai and Lloyd Gueizelar have indeed set high standards with this magnificent event.

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