Syed Falak the Youngest Entrepreneur and Media Mogul of Pakistan

Syed Falak gained much acknowledgement in the world of media as soon as he was 23. An Islamabad born young gentleman who established his life in a very short time starting at the age of 16 by getting success in multiple fields of Information technology (IT), marketing, software development e-commerce and media.

Syed Falak was born in Islamabad on 8th May, 1997 in a middle class family. He has recently graduated from the University of Cambridge.

He had the thirst to earn a rank in his life and with his interests in media and business, he aimed to establish his business through social media in order to earn through the internet at a small level but later on within years he crossed the boundaries of success.

By initially investing in a small business at the age of 16 he talks about it and says “i failed in my first attempt to establish a business but i knew this failure is going to lead me to this successful life which i am living now’’. After a hard work of about 3 years Syed Falak established his business by a perfect execution method.

Today, Syed Falak owns his media company ‘Delightful Islamabadians Media’ it was his first company founded in 2016.

Delightful Islamabadians is a largest media, entertainment, and communications company in the capital of Pakistan with a $0.5 million market cap and this business is run through four segments Cable network, Cable communications, Broadcast television and Filmed entertainment.

He found this company when he was only 19 years old. Hats off to the genius mind who established this duo of media and communication in Islamabad.

He made his second company named as ‘Diya Fashion Hut’ in 2018 which currently has more than 6000 employees in industry of textile. He has not only established his business on national basis but also internationally expanded in many countries which includes Middle East countries, America, Dubai , Saudi Arabia and many other countries.

Later he founded his third company ‘Ideal Link International’ too and that too is a great success. This company worked on the digital system of paying bills through electronic media by the expertise use of the Information Technology (IT).

His companies are rated among the top companies with brilliant executions nationally as well as on the international level in just 3-4 years.

For his outstanding business capabilities he achieved the ‘Pakistan Business Council Award (PBC) for the year 2019. He also received award from Business Excellence Awards & Expo that was organized by REDAP. Recently, he was awarded as multi-talented business proprietor by Management Association of Pakistan.

Although, he faced many difficulties in his initial days and he had to face a loss but his aims remained high and with high spirits he worked hard and this time came back with a million dollar investment and here he is, the youngest entrepreneur and investor of Pakistan Today, he is an example and inspiration for thousands of young individuals who are struggling to gain their names as profound and successful media tycoons.

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