Syed Mohammad Anas and his NGO Philoverphobia Have Shown an Eagerness to Help People

Social workers are often the only people who have seen many showers of rain in their lives. However, there are few social workers who have adopted good works from an early age. Despite being young, he spends all his time doing social work. Syed Mohammad Anas is one such young social worker who through his NGO Philoverphobia helps the poor in every way and also helps in the education of children.

The social activities that work for the upliftment of the poor in our society have helped many people with food and medicines when the lives of people in the lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic and have done everything possible to help them get their lives on the right track. Tried. He has helped people in many ways such as providing financial support and food so that they too can live their lives.

Syed Mohammad Anas tries to help others through his NGO Philoverphobia. Saving the vulnerable and making their lives better is something that they love. Syed Mohammad Anas shows patriotism as well as a sense of social welfare. Through his NGO Philoverphobia, he also highlighted issues that would otherwise be neglected. As a youth activist, Syed Mohammad Anas has certainly been able to unite the youth and also lead to a developed nation. Being a person like Syed Mohammad Anas in the modern world reminds us of our past leaders and we hope that the nation is indeed in good hands.

Syed Mohammed Anas and his NGO Philoverphobia aim not only to feed poor people, but also to provide high employment opportunities to the youth within their country. During his achievements, there were many ups and downs in his life, yet he was not disturbed, he took his goal of helping people to greater heights. He has not come in his behavior, he still remains humble. He also wants to give proper education to his children in poor community who do not have enough money to go to school and get education, help such people in every possible way in future.

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