Syed Shabeen Lebbe: The Youngest Entrepreneur of Sri Lanka Making the Country Proud In the Middle East.

Srilanka is known for its natural beauty, and you rarely heard about any top businessmen making a name worldwide from this heavenly place. But as said every place produces gems for the world and Srilanka too has a Smart young generation who can contribute to the global economy and make a unique place in the world with their work.

What were you doing when you were 20? Getting yourself ready for university? Searching courses to join? Going out on dates? At 20, Syed Shabeen Lebbe is a Fortune Global 500 Consultant & a 6-figure CEO. He couldn’t be your typical 20 year old right. Yeah, he’s far from it.

Syed Shabeen Lebbe youngest Srilankan Entrepreneur buzzing in the middle east with his best digital consultancy company. Under 20 entrepreneur of Srilanka is setting a high standard in the business world with their unique consultancy business. He helps entrepreneurs and brands grow faster in this competitive market. He knows how to touch seven-figure with the business you are running. So no need to change fields just adjust with trend says, Syed.

This Youngest Entrepreneur of Srilanka is on the rise! Born and brought up in Akkaraipattu, Sri Lanka. Shabeen always had curiosity in business and always looking for ways in which he could bring his knack for cracking deals and making profit. He was a average student with extraordinary knowledge but after suspended from his school at 10th standard, he decided that he should turn his insults as his success. And it became his motivation to carve a big name in the digital industry of Middle East today.

His concept and innovative ideas are helping him remain the most talked about CEO in Asia and Middle east. He is the brightest young generation leader who is achieving all his goals with his business knowledge.

The road to entrepreneurship was not easy for him. To become a self-made entrepreneur at a tender age seems easy, but it was not. He has passed many hurdles which all don’t see because of his success. Many feel he has already got all these things from family, but it is not like he has earned his way to the top in life. As an entrepreneur, you truly get what you seed.

You can be the boss of your life like young entrepreneur Syed but only when you dare to implement your life and business plans. One of Syed Shabeen’s future plan is to establish a proper Govt approved digital university to create substantial job opportunities and Make Digital Marketing as a Career Option for young entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka.

Here’s wishing the youngest Entrepreneur of Asia’s heavenly place Srilanka. We wish he inspired more and more people in the coming years and helped more and more entrepreneurs and brands remain safe in every tough situation.

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