Taking Leaps of Faith and Landing on Your Feet: How Iman Gadzhi Dropped Out of High School and Launched an Astonishing Business

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Marketing companies specializing in the Internet or in entrepreneurial advice are a dime a dozen these days. Yet companies that are able to back up their promises with data and success are much rarer – and they do exist. Iman Gadzhi is part of the former group. Gadzhi’s business offers two major prongs, one of which helps businesses scale up through traffic and sales funnels, while the other focuses on training entrepreneurs to run more profitable agencies. I was able to sit down with him recently, and he shared some words of advice. His recommendations illustrate how he was able to take this leap of faith and come out on top while so many others have failed.

Learn a High-Income Skill

The biggest piece of advice that Gadzhi pushes is that all people should learn a profitable skill. Eschewing formal education and proudly wearing the badge of high school dropout, Gadzhi believes that self-education is essential. However, it is only half of the equation for success. He insists that studying sales is the most important key to reaching that six-figure annual threshold.

Think Vertically, Not Horizontally

Too many people spread themselves thin, offering a wide range of services or products without providing excellence in any. Yet Gadzhi has championed an approach to his own business that focuses on vertical integration, or controlling an entire process top to bottom, instead of trying to enter many different markets. This is something he emphasizes heavily in his programs.

Balance Obligations…

Every entrepreneur has setbacks, and Gadzhi is no exception. Two years ago, at the tender age of 17, he took on too much work and, more importantly, failed to scale in an appropriate way. This “broke” his business and forced him to focus on the questions of effective scaling. Improving service delivery at scale was critical to his success and remains one of the features that sets his business apart from others. Many entrepreneurs and businesses experience initial success, but few are able to maintain this success at scale and, therefore, they falter. For this reason, Gadzhi has focused on helping other businesses scale up so that they can stay successful.

…But Most of All, Manage Yourself

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, is something of a cliché in business. However, Gadzhi emphasizes business as a system that is dependent on self-management. This includes discipline, building positive habits, and a positive or growth mindset. Managing others is meaningless if you cannot manage yourself. The 20% of your time that you might allocate to self-management might be responsible for 80% of your success.

Having a ‘Hawk Eye’

Gadzhi likens his role in the business to that of a hawk. He commonly says he has a “hawk eye” over his business. When I asked him to elaborate, he elaborated by saying in his journey to get to a 7-figure a year business, he’s had to develop a hawk eye over his companies’ operations, looking at the bigger picture and making sure he’s firmly grasping all aspects of his businesses. That way, he will never be a one-trick pony.

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