Taking Over the Custom Jewelry Market Across Europe is a Young Designer and Creator Named Jack Dean.

Even if we speak about the many success stories across business industries of the world that astound us, it always feels that many more discussions are needed to be held for these people to gain more insights into their journeys and take inspiration from them for taking over our chosen industries. The world of the jewellery business is one that has seen innumerable success stories so far; however, only a few have gone ahead in influencing others and impacting their lives positively through their journeys. Jack Dean’s name tops the list of such young entrepreneurs in the custom jewellery market of the UK who believed in his dreams to become a thriving entrepreneur, and so he did.

Jack Dean hails from Sheffield, UK and loved football as a kid. From age 10, he played along side Jesse Lingard & Michael Keane for Manchester United academy until the age of 16. Leaving school, he signed for Fulham Football Club, where he moved to London. After 3 years with Fulham Football Club, he decided to leave London and go all out to create his career in the entrepreneurial world. Jack Dean faced many struggles and hurdles along the path, but his aim to create something of his own kept moving him. He recalls that for 2 years straight, he worked relentlessly around the clock all over the UK to lay the foundations for his business.

He dived deeper into the industry and bought and sold all types of jewellery to make profit. Later, Jack Dean met his accountant and incorporated his firm named “Jeweller Jack Ltd.” His company has been making a lot of buzz ever since, where many others also tried to replicate his business, but the young entrepreneur feels it would be impossible to replicate the success of his own as they haven’t put in the hard work or done the hard yards, just like he did.

Today, as the founder and CEO of Jeweller Jack Ltd, he proudly says that his company is the present and the future of custom jewellery design and creations. It is growing as a unique brand with custom pieces for footballers and well known figures across the globe. This has allowed the designer and creator to come to the forefront of the industry. Talking further about his business, Jack Dean says a custom piece all starts with an idea from the client or a sketch, then developing the design using Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing, his team bring the same ideas to life using precious metals, gemstones, gold and diamonds with every gemstone set by hand individually one by one.

The brand has already worked with prominent athletes including, Arvin Appiah, Ryan Babel, Teden Mengi, Largie Ramazani, Aliou Traore, Brandon Pierrick, to name a few. Apart from a jewellery designer and entrepreneur, Jack Dean is also a loving father to his 18-month old daughter Esmé and loves to spend time with her.

When he was a player, Jack Dean saw how there was a no go-to man for unique, bespoke jewellery or a personal one to one service. This motivated him to enter the jewellery industry and here he is today, as one of the best in the business. To know more, follow the Instagram handles, @jewellerjack and @jackdean_.

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