Taking Over the Fashion and Garment Niche With his Extraordinary Custom Jackets Brand ‘Defiant Army’ is Simone Giuliano

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It is always surreal to learn about all those who exude high levels of passion, commitment and perseverance when it comes to their chosen industries. These individuals, especially youngsters, have been giving in their best, putting every possible effort and becoming their best versions in whatever, they choose to do in their lives.

Simone Giuliano is one such youngster who, with his newest brand in town named ‘Defiant Army’, has been working towards earning huge success for his love for art and fashion.

Who is Simone Giuliano, you wonder? Well, this youngster is a 30-year-old fashion entrepreneur today who always radiated brilliance when it came to art and decided to turn his passion into something that could help in creating a flourishing brand and business in the Italian landscape.

What attracted most people’s attention was that Simone started this brand in the middle of the pandemic and emerged as a brave young entrepreneur with ‘Defiant Army’. He hails from Milan, a famous fashion capital that even in the past have given birth to many such talented beings in the fashion, art and creativity world.

Simone Giuliano confesses that he loved to draw since he was a child, which motivated him to study graphic designing and also try his hands at other forms of creativity, from writing, tattoos to realizing his true calling – the fashion niche.

This young guy today has not only turned his business idea into reality in the form of the custom jacket brand Defiant Army but has also been making a lot of buzz around him and his brand for all the right reasons.

He very proudly says that Defiant Army is just not the everyday leather jackets that people see, but they are unique pieces created from unique art ideas with a unique story to tell. We are sure the brand is going to reach the top of the fashion world soon, looking at how Simone Giuliano has built it from scratch and has been working consistently towards it, even amidst these trying times.

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