Taking Over the World of Social Media as a True Blue Professional is Yazan al Koudsi aka Zizotravel.

Isn’t it surreal to learn about all those people who work towards becoming the best in whatever they choose to do in life? This very attitude of putting the best foot forward, taking risks and challenging oneself to become their best versions has helped individuals create flourishing careers for themselves.

The world of social media is seen as a world of its own, which has so far welcomed innumerable talents that have impressed people through innovative and engaging content creation. This has led to the rise of many new talents, especially youngsters who have shown how it is to be done. Topping the list of such young talents and influencers is Yaza al Koudsi, popularly known as Zizotravel.

Who is Zizotravel, you ask? Well, this youngster hails from the Middle East and has gained his Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Syria. However, if anything that fascinated him the most, it was to see the world and experience the magic of each of those places on earth.

This drew him towards becoming a flight attendant in Dubai, working for Flydubai Airlines. This opportunity allowed Yazan al koudsi aka Zizotravel to travel to more than 70 countries and live a part of his dream.

Little did he know then that these travels would entirely change his destiny and land him into the world of social media as an influencer specializing in the travel niche.

Zizotravel recalls how during his travels, he would record things and post them on social media, which also gradually brought him many brand collaborations, including the likes of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Hyatt Hotels.

All his posts and content exude a very high level of love and passion for travel, letting his audiences feel the same magic. His content, to say the least, has only been inspiring, which has made others pack their bags and head to the destinations, they always wanted to visit.

After Zizotravel achieved massive momentum while still being a flight attendant, he then moved to Chicago to make this his full-fledged career and today is considered to be one of the top Chicago lifestyle and travel influencers.

Even during these trying times, where travelling is not possible, Zizotravel makes sure to create travel content that can make people experience the beauty of different places on their social media.

From the latest trends in the community, newest dining spots in Chicago to many new events, Zizotravel makes sure to keep creating new content and serving his audiences right consistently. He is famous on TikTok and his Instagram videos have also gone viral.

Looking at the constant rise in real estate, Zizotravel has now spread his wings in the same to help people turn their home dreams into a reality. In 2017, he became an award-winning influencer.

His Instagram breathes a massive over 200K followers and that is proof enough of his excellence in the digital space as a social media influencer. To know more, follow him on Instagram @zizotravel.

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