Talent Manager Celestine Chibu Amajoyi – A True Connoisseur Of Talent In The Music Industry

Chibu, A Fresh Wave In The Talent Acquisition Industry Reducing Major Gaps In Managing & Guiding Budding Artists

A music talent manager becomes important to managing the many different pieces that make up a career in music. The manager can assist singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists in moulding a career, finding music producers, and developing relationships with record companies, publishers, agents, and the music-loving public.

Carefully considering certain contributions would entitle them to co-writing credits, Executive Producer credit, or Producer credit should they become involved in songwriting, financing works, or actually producing demos and recordings. Among all the business and professional responsibilities that music talent managers assume; they also become a pseudo parent for the group and help with personal matters usually.

This is both for the psyche of the group and to ensure that things are running smoothly. Early on in an artist’s career, the different facets of management and marketing fall upon either the band itself or, if they have one, their manager. Because the band or artist is relatively unknown initially, promotion, booking, and touring are minimal. Chibu is all of them with an unfathomable spirit to help budding artists and talents in the music industry with his A-list contacts.

Journey Of Celestine Chibu Amajoyi

Chibu, the now super manager with multiple A-list relationships with artists and producers in the music industry has worked with numerous artists in association with his client platinum producer Supah Mario (credits include Drake, Swae Lee, Eric Bellinger, MegTheeStallion, G Eazy, French Montana, Russ, Designer, Zoey Dollaz, Preme). This charismatic young man is looking to grow into a more aspirational role. His producer Supah Mario produced “Drake – What’s Next” Lil Uzi- Silly Watch, along with other hits.

This talent connoisseur started out in nightlife VIP hosting, along with booking A list talents to clubs and shows. He started managing events in LA to create his lane as having a football pro career wasn’t something destined for him. With Playmakrs Entertainment which came from his background in sports, he was always able to help the team play and win.

The mindset that sports provided him during his lifetime is what birthed his music companies Playmakrs Entertainment and Playmakrs Music Group later. Raer Air started as a drive home from the recording studio late at night. That’s where the original idea came from.

Being into fashion and looking presentable is one’s first impression of others. Chibu along with a partnership with James Hunter started Greekfyre entertainment, a film/tv production company where a lot of my companies or projects started their foundation of positive vibes and energy and spreading from sea to sea.

Celestine Chibu Amajoyi shares a life lesson with the millennials, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day. It was built with consistency, honour, confidence, positivity, and grace. Take one day at a time. Every day is a gift you have to accept. Go hard everyday so your future self can appreciate your presence and not regret it.’ To stay informed with his latest updates check out his Instagram.

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